Cisco DPA 7600 Series Gateways

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The Cisco DPA Series of voice mail gateways is a family of Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways that enables legacy voice mail equipment to connect to a Cisco IP telephony solution network. The Cisco DPA Series allows Octel voice mail systems, which currently use Digital Station Emulation to connect to an Avaya Definity PBX or a Nortel Meridian 1 PBX, to instead connect to a Cisco CallManager system without any changes to the voice mail system.

The Cisco DPA Series provides:

  • Investment protection -- The Cisco DPA Series allows the Octel voice mail system to be maintained without any hardware or software component changes.
  • Seamless migration -- Users can move from the PBX to Cisco CallManager without any changes to their voice mail box. They can maintain the same phone number and any messages they have saved will remain on the voice mail system.
  • Gradual migration -- The Cisco DPA Series allows both Cisco CallManager and the PBX to share the same Octel system, allowing you to gradually move users from the PBX to the Cisco CallManager.
  • Feature preservation -- All voice messaging features familiar to PBX users will also be available with the Cisco CallManager, such as the "spell by name" feature.

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