Cisco AS5800 Series Universal Gateways

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The Cisco AS5800 Series Universal Gateway provides reliable, scalable data and voice gateway functions for large service providers. The Cisco AS5800 Series Universal Gateway supports public switched telephone network signaling, gateway signaling, voice codecs, fax, RADIUS, Tool Command Language, and interactive voice response. Service provider data and voice applications are also supported, including:

  • Long distance
  • Prepaid calling
  • Local access
  • Hosted IP telephony
  • ASP hosting and termination
  • Unified communications
  • Access VPN
  • Dial access
The Cisco AS5800 Series includes the Cisco AS5800 Access Server/Voice Gateway, which helps with deploying data or toll-quality voice and fax services over packet networks, and the Cisco AS5850 Universal Gateway, a high-density, carrier-class gateway supporting up to 5 x CT3, 96 T1, or 86 E1 of data, voice, and fax services simultaneously.

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