Cisco Catalyst 4912G Switch

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The Catalyst 4912G is a 12-port dedicated Gigabit Ethernet switch featuring high performance Layer 2 switching and intelligent IOS network services for high-speed network concentration. The Catalyst 4912G is the flagship product of the new Catalyst 4900 Series, which delivers fixed configuration enterprise platforms providing cost-effective, high performance solutions for Gigabit networking. The Catalyst 4912G switch provides an advanced enterprise switching solution delivering low-cost, high-density gigabit aggregation with modular GigaBit Interface Converter (GBIC) modular protection. The Catalyst 4912G switch provides intelligent IOS network services, capable of enhancing LAN scalability, multicasting, security, management and QoS. The dedicated gigabit Catalyst 4912G leverages the same feature set with identical software code base and the same enterprise functionality as the Catalyst 5500/5000 Series, delivering a consistent end-to-end solution.

The Catalyst 4000 Series benefits include:

  • Powerful wire-speed performance with 24 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth for non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet concentration

  • Consistent and mature Catalyst 5000/5500 series software compatibility

  • Future-proof bandwidth protection with broad Gigabit EtherChannel availability

  • GBIC flexibility on fiber port-interfaces covering a wide range of cabling distances

  • Redundant, hot swappable external power supply (option) and other fault tolerant features

The Catalyst 4900 series fixed configuration gigabit solutions extend and advance the rich Ethernet heritage pioneered by the popular Catalyst 2900 10/100 switches. The Catalyst 4912G leverages the powerful hardware switching fabric (ASICs) of the modular Catalyst 4000 Series switches, plus offers the low entry-cost benefit of a fixed configuration form factor. The Catalyst 4912G broadens Cisco`s Gigabit product offering, underscoring a continued investment in expanding the scope of Gigabit Ethernet solutions.

Cisco`s Catalyst solution continues to become even stronger, providing more breadth and depth of switching solutions for your entire network needs.

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