Cisco Catalyst 4224 Access Gateway Switch

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The single-box Catalyst 4224 integrated platform for Ethernet switching, IP routing, and voice gateway services make it an ideal choice for extending VoIP networks to small branch offices of up to 24 users.

Multiple devices generally mean higher deployment, management, and maintenance costs. By integrating Ethernet switching, IP routing, and voice gateway capabilities into a single chassis deploying data, voice, and video to the branch office with the Catalyst 4224 has reached a new Total Cost of Ownership paradigm. The Catalyst 4224 lowers management and maintenance expenses, and provides an easier deployment path for future technology. By preparing branch offices for IP voice and video, the need to visit each branch office in the future is diminished. A single, remotely manageable solution means that remote offices can be maintained without on site technical resources.

Deploying the Catalyst 4224 in a Centralized Call Processing environment can further lower ownership costs. By centralizing Cisco CallManager servers and other IP voice and video applications, the enterprise gains valuable control of all data, voice and video applications. Centralized applications guarantee all users access to the same advanced applications, which increases productivity even at small branch sites.

The Catalyst 4224 is designed for rapid deployment of converged voice/data applications and services transforming branch offices.

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