Cisco Catalyst 3000 Series Switches

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The industry's only system that allows stackable switching.

Cisco's Catalyst 3000 system is a high-performance, stackable switching platform consisting of the Catalyst 3000 series switches and Catalyst 3000 Matrix.

This switch platform is the first stackable switching architecture to deliver Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions in its stackable software for growing workgroup applications. The flexible design enables additional switching capacity without migrating to a new platform.

High-performance features in the Catalyst 3000 series include adaptive cut-through switching technology with automatic error packet detection and elimination. These capabilities fulfill user requirements for low-latency switching applications while maintaining the data integrity of store-and-forward devices. A built-in redundant power supply provides reliability.

The stackable architecture of the Catalyst 3000 switch series allows it to cost-effectively address a wide spectrum of applications. In smaller configurations, it can switch 16 to 24 Ethernet segments with high-speed uplinks connecting servers and other backbone resources. Stacked switches can be managed as one logical entity IP address, overcoming one of the primary obstacles of managing stackable devices.

Recent WAN support makes the Catalyst 3000 series an ideal branch office solution with high-speed serial and ISDN connectivity between systems in smaller offices, or from branch offices to a Catalyst 5000 switch in the central office.

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