Cisco Catalyst 1200 Series Switches

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A reliable solution for managing smaller applications in Ethernet/FDDI networks.

The Catalyst 1200® is a multilayer switch that supports embedded RMON and VLANs, as well as IP multicasting and routing functions.

This switch is ideal for smaller applications that require highly managed switching of Ethernet/FDDI networks. This solution benefits CAD/CAM groups, financial service organizations, and multimedia workgroups with high bandwidth requirements. At the workgroup level, organizations can benefit from the Catalyst 1200's multilayer switching capabilities in addition to meeting a wide range of performance needs with both Ethernet and FDDI support.

The Catalyst 1200 allows network managers to control the traffic of multiple workgroups using a common switched network resource. Using Catalyst 4.0, network managers can group individual users or wiring closets into switched closed workgroups. Cisco's network management applications enable users attached to Catalyst switches to be added, changed, or deleted from virtual LANs (VLANs), regardless of their physical location within the building or the location of other workgroup members.

As a part of Cisco Systems' family of internetworking platforms, the Catalyst 1200 provides a reliable, stable, and interoperable switching architecture for customers' high-performance workgroup networks.

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