Cisco Small Business Continuous Data Protection

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Proactive Protection for Critical Data

Losing data is never fun, especially when retrieving your lost information comes with a hefty expense in terms of time, resources, and money. Saving your files shouldn't be something you think about after they're lost. Cisco Small Business Continuous Data Protection gives you the proactive redundancy you need to safeguard your network's critical data against unintended loss.

Available in a variety of licensing sizes, Cisco Small Business Continuous Data Protection:

  • Synchronizes your files and folders as soon as they're updated with new information to help ensure that all your changes are recorded and preserved
  • Gives you the ability to lock your files into a virtual vault, preventing any modifications for as long as you specify and deliver "hands-off" file protection
  • Retains synchronized previous versions of files, giving you reference points in case you need to examine earlier modifications

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