Service Exchange Technology

Performance Management and Billing

A highly flexible all-purpose service-provider network can help you attract quality subscribers who are ready to pay for higher-value, higher-margin services.

Easy Bandwidth Allocation, Precise Metering, By-usage Billing

Precisely control and meter your network with the Cisco Service Control Solution. Go from selling commoditized connectivity and bandwidth to selling services and application performance on a tiered basis.

Take advantage of usage analysis, capacity planning, and quality of service (QoS) enhancements to develop and manage new billing models by application or service bundle.

The Cisco Service Control platform interface lets you quickly identify and charge for dissimilar content applications while simultaneously managing different application-performance requirements. It's easy to reserve bandwidth for exclusive application use, or specific users.

Network Insight: Analyze, Control, and Profit

Successfully creating multiple tiers of service requires one all-encompassing IP network as opposed to multiple, service-specific networks.

The Cisco Service Control solution creates a programmable, intelligent service layer for IP networks. It uses stateful deep packet inspection at multigigabit speeds to detect, monitor, and control virtually any service application. Those include complex Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)-based applications.

The solution employs Cisco Service Control Engines, which fully reconstruct data flows analyzing the Layer 7 state of each individual application.

SCE 8000

True application awareness is the ability to statefully track all subscriber data flows by application and content. Only Cisco Service Control technology has the ability to maintain application state while tracking network data flows at multigigabit speeds.

Cisco Insight software collects and presents reports, charts, and statistics about the traffic data tracked by your Cisco Service Control Engine (SCE) devices.

Typically, the Cisco Service Control Engine resides "in traffic" behind an IP aggregation point and can be configured redundantly for high availability.

Figure 1. Cisco Service Control in the Network

Service Control

For more information about the typical service provider configuration shown here, see Cisco Service Control in the Network.

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Gain visibility into network usage with subscriber-level and application-level awareness to understand who is doing what on your network. The Cisco Service Control granular analysis and management capabilities become your new way to analyze, control, and profit from premium IP services delivery.