Cisco SCE 2000 Series Service Control Engine

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The Cisco SCE 2000 Series Service Control Engine is a network element specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments requiring high-capacity stateful application and session-based classification and control of application-level IP traffic per subscriber.

  • Industry Leading Performance: The Cisco SCE 2000 serves as the foundation for Cisco’s deep packet inspection solution for multi-gigabit and 10 gigabit speeds, making Cisco the industry’s first in implementing service control functionality for these very fast network connections.
  • Stateful Deep Packet Inspection: Instead of processing packets as individual events, the SCE 2000 Series fully reconstructs flows and the Layer 7 state of each application flow.
  • High Availability: Deployments requiring high reliability are supported by utilizing two SCE 2000 Series in a unique cascading configuration. The primary SCE 2000 Series processes the IP traffic of 2 links while sharing state information with the secondary SCE 2000 Series, which takes over in case of primary unit failure.
  • Programmability: The SCE 2000 Series is programmable and extensible through the use of the Service Management Language (SML) providing extensible support for protocols and new network services.

Cisco Service Control Engine with Cisco Service Control Application

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