Cisco SCE 1000 Series Service Control Engine

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The Cisco SCE 1000 Series Service Control Engine is a network element specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments requiring high-capacity stateful application and session-based classification and control of application-level IP traffic per subscriber.

  • Superior Performance: The SCE 1000 Series provides line rate processing at 2 Gbps of traffic over 1 Gigabit links supporting 2,000,000 flows.
  • Stateful Deep Packet Inspection: Instead of processing packets as individual events, the SCE 1000 Series fully reconstructs flows and the Layer 7 state of each application flow.
  • Programmability: The SCE 1000 Series is programmable through the use of the Service Management Language (SML), providing extensible support for protocols and new revenue-generating network services.

Cisco Service Control Engine with Cisco Service Control Application

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