Cisco Security Agent

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Always Vigilant Endpoint Security

Cisco Security Agent is the first endpoint security solution that combines zero-update attack protection, data loss prevention, and signature-based antivirus in a single agent. This unique blend of capabilities defends servers and desktops against sophisticated day-zero attacks, and enforces acceptable-use and compliance policies within a simple management infrastructure.

Cisco Security Agent provides numerous network security benefits including:

  • Zero-update protection reduces emergency patching in response to vulnerability announcements, minimizing patch-related downtime and IT expenses
  • Visibility and control of sensitive data protects against loss from both user actions and targeted malware
  • Predefined compliance and acceptable use policies allow for efficient management, reporting, and auditing of activities
  • "Always Vigilant" Security - Your system is always protected, even when users are not connected to the corporate network or lack the latest patches

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