Cisco ProtectLink Gateway

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Designed for businesses with up to 100 users, Cisco ProtectLink Gateway provides exceptional protection. This security solution can run on many Cisco Small Business routing and security products to stop email spam and viruses, block malicious websites, and control web access. This hosted service has no additional hardware requirements, and deployment is quick and easy. Continuous updates also help increase protection.

Email Spam and Virus Blocking

With Cisco ProtectLink Gateway, you can:

  • Block spam before it reaches your network
  • Protect your network with sender reputation assessment, threat scanning, and content filtering

Website and URL Content Filtering

Use Cisco ProtectLink Gateway to control web access. You can:

  • Block more than 80 categories of unproductive or inappropriate website types (e.g., adult, gambling, and social networking)
  • Enforce your company's Internet usage policy
  • Increase productivity by reducing bandwidth waste

Web Threat Protection

You can also reduce web-based threats by:

  • Blocking access to malicious websites
  • Monitoring acceptable websites that may have become infected with spyware
  • Preventing outside attempts to mine the private data of your business and employees

Cisco ProtectLink Gateway is available in 25- and 100-user annual service licenses to fit your company needs.

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