Cisco Policy Management

Secure Access to Data and Applications

Provide fine-grained, differentiated, and controlled access to corporate data and applications with Cisco Enterprise Policy Manager (EPM).

Cisco EPM externalizes policy decisions from individual applications, collaboration services, and data bases into a new entitlement layer shared by all.

Introducing Cisco EPM into your organization can:

  • Save up to 30 percent in entitlement costs and implementation schedules compared to other entitlement solutions
  • Allow better enterprise-wide administration, enforcement, and audit of access policies

With Cisco EPM your organization can centrally administer, enforce, and audit sophisticated authorization policies regardless of vendor, platform, or operating system. The result is better, more controlled, and highly secure access to applications and content for both enterprise employees and their collaborative communities.

EPM 3.3 Improves Performance and Control

  • Redesigned architecture improves performance, scalability, and robustness
  • A 25 percent reduction in cache memory footprint makes use of memory resources more efficient and lowers hardware costs
  • Additional flexibility in modeling security policies includes features like sharing and referencing of rules and regular expressions support in the rule editor
  • A redesigned administration user interface enhances user experience for policy administration and management

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