Cisco NAC Profiler

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Manage Endpoint Devices Automatically

Dynamically discover, identify, and monitor all network-attached endpoints within an enterprise network with Cisco NAC Profiler. It manages these devices intelligently, based on user-defined security policies.

You can deploy Cisco NAC Profiler, a core component of the Cisco TrustSec solution, either as an integral part of an 802.1x infrastructure solution or as a Cisco NAC Appliance overlay solution.

When deployed as part of a broader Network Admission Control (NAC) implementation, Cisco NAC Profiler facilitates deployment and management of Cisco NAC systems. It discovers and tracks the location and type of all LAN-attached endpoints, including those that cannot authenticate.

With Cisco NAC Profiler, your IT and security administrators can:

  • Simplify deployment of Cisco NAC, by automating device identification and authentication and easing administrative tasks
  • Facilitate deployment and management of the Cisco ACS 802.1x-based infrastructure or Cisco NAC overlay solutions
  • Gather endpoint device profiling information and maintain a real-time, contextual inventory of networked devices
  • Monitor and manage device behavior anomalies, such as port swapping, MAC address spoofing, and profile changes
  • Secure all company-owned endpoints, including nonauthenticating devices such as printers and IP phones

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