Cisco IPS 4200 Series Sensors

End-of-Sale Models

Cisco IDS 4250 Sensor
The Cisco IDS 4250 supports unparalleled performance at 500 Mbps and can be used to protect gigabit subnets and traffic traversing switches that are being used to aggregate traffic from numerous subnets.

Cisco IDS 4250 XL Sensor

Cisco IDS 4235 Sensor
At 200 Mbps, the Cisco IDS 4235 can be deployed to provide protection in switched environments, on multiple T3 subnets, and with the support of 10/100/1000 interfaces, it can also be deployed on partially utilized gigabit links.

Cisco IDS 4230 Sensor
The Cisco IDS 4230 Sensor is no longer available. Please see Product Bulletin No. 1772 for more details.

Cisco IDS 4220 Sensor
The Cisco IDS 4220 Sensor is no longer available. Please see Product Bulletin No. 1771 for more details. The recommended replacement product for the Cisco IDS 4220 is the Cisco IDS 4210.

Cisco IDS 4215 Sensor
The Cisco IDS 4215 delivers 80 Mbps of performance and is suitable for monitoring multiple T1 subnets. It supports up to five sniffing interfaces in a single 1 RU form factor.

Cisco IDS 4210 Sensor
The Cisco IDS 4210 Sensor is a network security "appliance" that detects unauthorized activity traversing the network, such as attacks by hackers, by analyzing traffic in real time, enabling users to quickly respond to security breaches.