Cisco Email Security Appliance X1070

The Cisco Email Security Appliance X1070 delivers high-performance protection for the most demanding networks in the world: the ISPs and large enterprises that are the primary targets of spam and viruses.

The X1070 provides high email security on a platform that can meet today's demands for innovation and tomorrow's demands for scalability. Preventive filters and signature-based reactive filters, combined with content filtering and Cisco partner technology, provide high levels of email security with innovative visibility and management tools.
Download X1070 Data Sheet (PDF - 400 KB)

What's Inside

The email perimeter is under attack from many message-borne threats. Maintaining a high number of concurrent SMTP connections is fundamental to preventing denial-of-service attacks from impacting your system availability.

The IronPort operating system AsyncOS supports up to 10,000 simultaneous connections per system, 100 times more than traditional systems. And 64-bit processing magnifies the capabilities of system hardware for mail applications.

Management Tools

Spam Defense

Virus Defense

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

  • File Reputation
  • Dynamic File Analysis
  • File Sandboxing
  • Retrospective Alerting

Policy Enforcement

Email Authentication

  • DKIM and DomainKeys Signing
  • Bounce Verification™

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