Cisco Email Security Appliance C370D

The Cisco Email Security Appliance C370D is optimized for authentication of email , investor updates, and marketing newsletters. Its advanced sender authentication technology helps ensure timely and efficient communications with customers and allows you to manage and protect your corporate identity on the Internet.

Lower Maintenance

Powerful enterprise monitoring integration and custom alerting features make this solution "set-and-forget." This allows you to focus on priorities other than email delivery.

What's Inside

The Cisco Email Security Appliance C370D can deliver up to 800,000 messages per hour. This is an order of magnitude faster than most traditional mail transport agents.

You can reduce operating costs immediately by replacing your racks of traditional servers with C370D appliances. Self-managing security services provide a low-maintenance solution with minimal configuration requirements.

Virtual Gateway technology allows each campaign to be assigned its own IP address, segregating different classes of email running through the system. This results in a consistent reputation for each class of mail.

Management Tools

Email Authentication

  • DKIM and DomainKeys Signing
  • Bounce Verification™

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