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Improve Visibility on Threats

Learn about growing threats across the attack continuum of the Internet infrastructure.

Improve Visibility on Threats

Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report

Read the latest threats and resolution strategies critical to organizations.

Learn the Latest Trends in Network Attacks

The exploitation of trust is a common mode of operation for online attackers. Today's networks are facing two forms of trust erosion. One is a decline in customer confidence in the integrity of products. The other is mounting evidence that malicious actors are defeating trust mechanisms, thus calling into question the effectiveness of network assurance, authentication, and authorization architectures. Delve into the security threats and challenges of 2013 with analysis from Cisco's global threat intelligence.

Highlights of the Report:

  • Attacks against trusted infrastructure targeting significant resources across the internet.
  • Trusted applications are exploiting gaps in security perimeters.
  • Indicators of compromise suggests networks have been penetrated and may be operating undetected over long periods of time.
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