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Cisco 2014 Midyear Security Report

Discover the weakest security links.

Cisco 2014 Midyear Security Report

Weak Links in the Threat Landscape Identified

Adversaries spend 100 percent of their time finding weak links and using them to their advantage. And as the Internet of Things accelerates and our dependence on the connected environment continues to expand, so do opportunities for attackers. Do you know what those weak links are? Delve into the top threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends of the first half of 2014 with exclusive data analysis and insight from Cisco's global threat intelligence.

Report findings include:

  • How attackers have penetrated networks to operate from the inside out.
  • How neglected connected devices and websites become an attacker's treasure.
  • What the most critical vulnerabilities and exploits for 2014 are.
  • Which industry verticals are at most risk of web malware encounters.
  • Why point-of-sale exploits are gaining favor with criminals.

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