Cisco Wide Area File Services Software (WAFS)

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Improve Network Performance and Accessibility

Cisco Wide Area File Services (WAFS) Software overcomes WAN latency and bandwidth limitations with proprietary technologies. Users at branch offices can take advantage of a LAN-like experience when accessing files over the WAN by consolidating all branch-office data into central file servers in your data center. Benefits of this consolidation include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): File and print services at the branch replace unreliable and costly tape backup and file servers
  • Enhanced data protection: A master copy of all files generated from the branch is moved in real time to the data center, improving protection, management, and utilization of storage resources
  • Reduced administration: IT administrators can centrally manage file services such as usage quota, backups, disaster recovery, restores, access control, and security policies
  • Fast file access and sharing: Latency-reduction technologies provide LAN-like access to remote users, increasing productivity and facilitating collaboration

Fully Integrated with Cisco WAAS

With the Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) 4.0, Cisco WAFS has become a feature category fully integrated into the overall Cisco WAAS offering. Customers with Cisco WAFS software are encouraged to upgrade to Cisco WAAS 4.0 and take advantage of more application acceleration support including any TCP applications.

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