Service Provider Infrastructure Software

Model Networks with Analytics

Enhance service quality and reduce costs with data-driven network modeling. (5:18 min)

Model Networks with Analytics
Model Networks with Analytics

Improve Network Design and Control

Use Cisco MATE and the Cisco WAN Automation Engine to model, design, analyze, and control your multivendor IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.

Cisco WAN Automation Engine

Improve network visibility and control. Discover the economic, management, and other benefits of the Cisco WAN Automation Engine.

Cisco MATE Software Portfolio

Network service orchestration tools simplify WAN capacity and traffic management

The Cisco MATE software portfolio and the Cisco WAN Automation Engine help network teams bring visibility, accurate traffic modeling, and control to your network infrastructure. With these capabilities, IT teams can operate and scale your data networks efficiently and work to provide services without disruption.

Many cross-functional activities would be more efficiently performed on a single platform. Cisco MATE and Cisco WAN Automation Engine software offers a complete solution for offline and online data collection in a single platform.

Now you can improve network planning, analytics, and control by gathering and maintaining information on infrastructure elements, topology, operational states, and traffic statistics.