Cisco 7206VXR Router

Flexible Service Deployment

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The Cisco 7200 Series Services Aggregation Routers offer the choice of two chassis for flexible deployment: Cisco 7204VXR with four horizontal port adaptor slots, and the Cisco 7206VXR with six horizontal port adaptor slots. Both chassis provide up to 2 Mpps routing performance and include integrated multiservice interchange (MIX) functionality.

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Services Aggregation in the WAN and MAN
Enterprises and service providers can meet new services aggregation requirements without expensive equipment upgrades or radical network designs by taking advantage of the industry’s most popular WAN and MAN aggregation platform, the Cisco 7200VXR Series Router.

Evolving the NetworkEvolving the Network
Wachovia enhances its network platform and aggregates services with Cisco Systems’ 7200 Series Network Processing Engine, NPE-G2.

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