Cisco 4600 Series Content Distribution Manager

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The Cisco Content Distribution Manager (CDM) provides central management and provisioning of the Cisco Content Delivery Network (CDN), including all content, Content Engine edge delivery devices, bandwidth utilization and more.

The CDM runs Cisco Application and Content Networking System (ACNS) software, which provides the intelligence required to efficiently manage and distribute content to the network edge. Using ACNS software, the CDM makes intelligent decisions on the health of the network and the best edge Content Engine to fulfill content requests. By localizing content at the edge, the CDM optimizes LAN and WAN bandwidth usage, improves the quality of service and increases productivity.

Network administrators manage the CDN using the CDM’s feature-rich web browser-based user interface, which allows them to configure and monitor the CDN, as well as grant publishing rights to content owners in other departments.

The CDM plays a key role in a number of content services including e-learning, e-communications and file distribution, as well as point of sale or TV-out delivery, where administrators can create and manage a playlist of content that is delivered to television monitors or kiosks.

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