Cisco 12000 Series Routers


Cisco 12816 Router
1.28 Terabits/sec, 40Gigabit/slot, full rack, 16-slot. Existing Cisco 12416 and Cisco 12016 systems can be field upgraded to Cisco 12816 40G/slot capacity.

Cisco 12810 Router
800 Gbps, 40 Gigabit, 1/2-rack, 10-slot, high density, ideal for high capacity IP/MPLS networks. Existing Cisco 12410 systems can be field upgraded to Cisco 12810 40G/slot capacity.

Cisco 12416 Router
320 Gbps, 10Gigabit/slot, full rack, 10 slot, field upgradeable to 40G/slot, ideal for high-performance IP/MPLS networks.

Cisco 12410 Router
200 Gbps, 10Gigabit/slot, 1/2-rack system, high density, field upgradeable to 40G/slot.

Cisco 12406 Router
120 Gbps, 10Gigabit/slot, 1/4 rack, 6-slot switching capacity in a 6-slot, 10 Gigabit/slot, compact platform helps reduce facilities costs.

Cisco 12404 Router
80 Gbps, 10 Gigabit/slot, 1/8 rack, 4-slots, ideal for 10G-enabled IP/MPLS provider edge applications.

Cisco 12016 Router
80 Gbps, full rack, 16-slot, 2.5 Gigabit system, modular switch fabric, field upgradeable to 10G/slot or 40G/slot without increasing power requirements.

Cisco 12010 Router
2.5 Gigabit, 1/2 rack, 10-slot, high density, software upgradeable to 10G/slot.

Cisco 12006 Router
2.5 Gigabit, 1/4 rack, 6-slot, software upgradeable to 10G/slot.

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