Cisco Metro 1500 Series (MAN DWDM)

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Using the Cisco Metro 1500 DWDM platform, enterprises can expand the distance and application capabilities of existing LAN, MAN and storage area networks while addressing the need to move large amounts of data, voice and video quickly and transparently. The Metro 1500 allows enterprises to build serverless offices and virtual data centers across metropolitan distances that are cost-effective and easily provisioned. Metro 1500s high port density and 32 wavelength capacity facilitate the interconnection of data centers requiring these capabilities in ESCON, FICON and Fiber Channel interfaces.

Cisco Metro 1500 in the METRO
The Cisco Metro 1500 DWDM platform gives Service providers the ability to deliver managed wave length based ESCON, FICON, Fiberchannel and Ethernet services to both Enterprise and xSP customers offering out-sourced Storage or Content services. The Metro 1500 facilitates the convergence of Data, Storage and SONET Networking and provides an infrastructure capable of multiservice networking in the MAN at very economical levels. The Metro 1500 provides reliable, high availability services in the Metropolitan Area Network.

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