Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (MLDP)

Overview of MLDP-Based MVPNs

Overview of MLDP-Based MVPNs

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Learn how MLDP-based MVPN capabilities and benefits can simplify your network core. (5.55 min)

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Multicast Label Distribution Protocol (MLDP) provides extensions to the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) for the setup of point-to-multipoint (P2MP) and multipoint-to-multipoint (MP2MP) Label Switched Paths (LSPs) in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS} networks. For customers interested in moving to a label-based Multicast VPN (MVPN) solution, Cisco offers MLDP-based MVPNs.


  • Based on over 15 years of IP Multicast expertise, experience, and innovation using Cisco IOS Software
  • An innovative unified control and forwarding plane that allows service providers and enterprises to transit MVPN traffic using multipoint LSPs (P2MP and MP2MP)
  • State aggregation to minimize core states
  • MPLS capabilities, such as Fast Reroute, that can now be applied to multicast traffic
  • Seamless support of migration from generic routing encapsulation (GRE) and IP Multicast VPNs
  • No need to manage customer premise equipment, enable multicast routing in the core, or use link-state routing protocol extensions to support MLDP
  • Minimal cost associated with meeting bandwidth requirements of applications such as high-definition video
  • Based on industry standards

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Improve Services with MLDP based MVPNs
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Improve Services with MLDP based MVPNs

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