Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4(4)T

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Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4T integrates a portfolio of new capabilities, including security, voice, and IP services, with powerful hardware support to deliver advanced services for enterprise and access customers. It will be issued as a series of regularly scheduled individual releases, which Cisco will ultimately consolidate to form the next major release.

Release 12.4(4)T, the second of these 12.4T releases, enhances threat protection against malicious worm and virus attacks, improves performance monitoring of VoIP networks, and extends support for secure concurrent services on the Cisco 1800 Series router.

Like all releases in the 12.4T family, Release 12.4(4)T integrates innovations that span multiple technology areas, including Security & VPN, Voice, Cisco IOS Infrastructure, Access, High Availability, Network Management, Quality of Service, IP Multicast, Broadband, IP Routing, and IP Services. Release 12.4(4)T delivers these integrated technologies on the broadest range of hardware in the industry, including the Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Cisco 7200 Series, and Cisco 7301 Router.

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