Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(14)EA1

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Feature Function Change
The functionality of the 802.1X feature has changed in Cisco IOS Release 12.1(14)EA1 to comply with the IEEE 802.1X standard and align with other Cisco products. The dot1x system-auth-control global configuration command is introduced in 12.1(14)EA1 and the default setting will be disabled when upgrading to 12.1(14)EA1, until the user issues the dot1x system-auth-control global configuration command. Therefore, it is possible that after the software upgrade, a non-802.1X capable host or a 802.1X capable host with 802.1X disabled could access the network without authentication.

Users are advised to read the Release Notes for complete information regarding 802.1X functional changes prior to upgrading to 12.1(14)EA1 and to enabled the dot1x system-auth-control global configuration command immediately after the upgrade.

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