Cisco uBR7225VXR E-16U Broadband Processing Engine

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Multiple DOCSIS Standard Support on One Line Card

The Cisco uBR7225VXR E-16U Broadband Processing Engine (Part Number UBR-E-16U) brings new choices and capabilities to the Cisco uBR7225VXR Universal Broadband Router. With its flexible, all-inclusive product design, this BPE offers:

  • An advanced physical layer (PHY) to provide ingress noise cancellation
  • Advanced time-division multiple access (A-TDMA) capabilities
  • An onboard processor for improved performance
  • Flexible software Media Access Control (MAC) domain configuration or virtual interfaces
  • Reduced cable wiring through frequency stacking
  • DOCSIS, Euro-DOCSIS, and J-DOCSIS support
  • Integrated upconverter and one downstream and six upstream burst receivers on a single card

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