Cisco Persistent Storage Device Module

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The Cisco Persistent Storage Device (PSD) is an extension to existing storage for the Cisco Content Services Gateway (CSG) and Cisco Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN). It can receive and safely store CSG- and GGSN-generated call detail records (CDRs). The Cisco CSG or GGSN sends the CDRs to billing data collectors until the collectors are determined to be unreachable. The CSG or GGSN will then redirect the CDRs (including those not yet acknowledged of receipt by the data collectors) to the Cisco PSD.

The PSD includes the following features:

  • With the Cisco PSDs 37-GB on-board storage space, CDRs from up to 3 Cisco CSGs or 3 GGSNs can be safely be stored which provides, in many instances, several days worth of protection.
  • A single Cisco PSD can support the Cisco GGSN and CSG concurrently.
  • The number of PSDs required can be determined based on expected network traffic and the corresponding number of billing records the CSGs or GGSNs would generate.

During these downtimes, the Cisco CSG or GGSN will continue to check the availability of the billing data collectors. When billing data collectors are available to receive Cisco CDRs, the CSG or GGSN will automatically retrieve CDRs stored on the Cisco PSD in the exact order the CDRs were generated and deliver them to billing data collectors. The Cisco CSG or GGSN will also automatically control the mixing with newly generated "live" CDRs. The entire process requires no operator intervention and no loss of billing information.

With todays volume tariff for wireless data services such as GPRS or CDMA in average of $2.00 to $4.00 per MB, an outage to a billing data collector for a Cisco CSG or GGSN CDR delivery could incur large revenue losses. For example, a four hour outage in a system averaging 250Mbps throughput with average revenue of $1.00/MB would result in approximately $400,000 of revenue loss. The Cisco PSD provides the safety and reliability needed to protect critical billing information during both scheduled and unscheduled outages of the billing data collection system.


  • Protects critical billing information generated by the Cisco CSG and GGSN during unscheduled and scheduled outages of the billing data collection system
  • High availability - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series and Cisco 7600 Series in-chassis solution can lead to significant cost savings
  • Provides a simple setup for billing information protection

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