Cisco Catalyst 4500 Access Gateway Module

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The Catalyst 4000/4500 Access Gateway Module is a modular Cisco IOS®, routing engine that integrates into the Catalyst 4000/4500 Series of switches. The Catalyst 4000/4500 Access Gateway Module provides WAN connectivity with the following features and benefits:

  • Lower cost of ownership - Through consolidation of the LAN and WAN network infrastructures the complexity of the network is reduced¬ósimplifying the ease of use and administration. Field support is also simplified as the Access Gateway Modules shares interface cards with the 1600/1700 and 2600/3600 router families.
  • Improved productivity - Once a branch configuration template is developed an integrated solution for the branch office streamlines the deployment process¬ómaking better use of deployment and operation resources. With the enterprise WAN in place earlier the business applications can be deployed throughout the enterprise.
  • Investment protection - With full Cisco IOS support and a modular architecture, the Access Gateway Module provides IP WAN connectivity for the branch and a migration path to convergence. The Access Gateway Module provides full support for Cisco IOS IP routing with options for: voice PSTN and PBX connections for toll-bypass applications, and Digital Signal Processors for CallManager Voice Service and IP Telephony.
  • Scalability and Performance - The modularity of the Catalyst 4000/4500 Access Gateway Module provides scalability in both voice and data interfaces and network services. Underpinning this scalability is a high performance RISC central processor and hardware based encryption and compression.

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