Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module (NME-NAM)

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Manage Application and Service Delivery

Help network administrators optimize networks, troubleshoot, and improve the end-user experience with the Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module (NME-NAM) with Software 5.0.

This module enhances Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) and the ISR Generation Two (G2) family of routers in your Cisco Borderless Network and provides:

  • Granular traffic analysis
  • Comprehensive application performance metrics
  • Superior voice analytics
  • Deep insightful packet captures

Features and Benefits

  • Deploy integrated solution in existing routers to protect your investments, lower total cost of ownership, and save rack space
  • Improve operational efficiency with redesigned GUI, prepackaged dashboards, interactive reports, and intuitive workflows
  • Analyze NetFlow and packet data in one box for a powerful all-in-one monitoring solution
  • Characterize end-user experience and isolate the performance issue with application performance analytics
  • Resolve unanticipated performance issues with historical analysis using the embedded performance database
  • Assess how the end-user experience the application performance improvements as a result of WAN optimization Manage remotely with anytime, anywhere access and save on IT staff time and travel

The Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module (NME-NAM) is part of the Cisco NAM product portfolio.

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