Cisco 8340 Application-Oriented Networking Appliance

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Cisco AON Networking Appliance Routes Application Messages

The Cisco AON 8340 Series Appliance is a standalone device that provides routing capabilities for application messages traveling on the network. The network's ability to identify and intelligently route application messages, such as customer orders, can help your company improve efficiency of business processes. Benefits of the appliance include:

  • Offers an additional deployment option to existing Cisco AON interface modules, which are available for Catalyst 6500 Series switches and Cisco 2600/2800/3700/3800 series routers
  • Leverages AON feature breadth to support multiple applications
  • Offers High performance augmented by custom hardware acceleration
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure and network management applications

The Cisco AON 8340 Series Appliance has several deployment options including:

  • High-performance message routing
  • Application-to-application security gateway (A2A)
  • Application services offload

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