Cisco E-Mail Manager Option

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Increasingly, customers are turning to Web sites to locate information about a company's products and services, to seek support, and to conduct transactions. In addition, customers want alternative ways -- such as e-mail -- to contact customer support centers and the volume of incoming e-mail interactions is growing by leaps and bounds. As more customers come to rely on e-mail for customer service and support inquiries, the challenge is to develop a cost-effective strategy that enables your contact center staff to quickly and accurately respond to every inquiry. Quick and accurate turnaround of inquiries translates into strengthened customer relationships, and added value and efficiency in the contact center.

Cisco E-Mail Manager Option (formerly Cisco E-Mail Manager) is a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution for managing high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to company mailboxes -- or e-mail submitted through your company's Web site -- that will help you meet this challenge. Based on customizable business rules, the E-Mail Manager Option accelerates the response process by automatically directing messages to the most qualified agent or support team, categorizing and prioritizing messages, suggesting relevant response templates, and, if desired, sending automated replies.

A full-featured, browser-based interface provides your agents with the productivity tools, knowledge, and resources they need to provide fast, accurate, and personalized responses to your customers. Moreover, the E-Mail Manager Option delivers the queue management, reporting, and outbound marketing tools that managers need in order to ensure that desired service standards are met, gain valuable insight into customer needs, and generate new revenue opportunities.

Whether you are building a customer-support system from the ground up or integrating with existing organizational structures and traditional systems, the uniquely flexible, extensible, and scalable design of the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option delivers a cost-effective, easy-to-implement strategy for building customer relationships over the Internet. When implemented as part of your contact center solution, the Cisco E-Mail Manager Option adds a key channel for your customers to interact with your company representatives -- continuing the evolution towards a true Customer Interaction Network.

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