Cisco WebEx Node for MCS

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Enhance Performance and Keep Data On Premises

The Cisco WebEx Node for MCS provides enhanced performance, reduced bandwidth consumption, and on-premises data options for WebEx meetings.

Deployed with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, the software extends the hosted Cisco Collaboration Cloud into an organization's onsite network infrastructure.

You can improve data security for internal meetings with the option to keep media traffic and meeting recordings on-premises.

Features and Benefits

The Cisco WebEx Node for MCS lets organizations combine the cost-savings advantages of on-premises voice conferencing, the productivity benefits of Cisco WebEx web conferencing, and the data performance and security benefits of an onsite platform.

These include:

  • Bandwidth and performance optimization
    • Limits traffic on the WAN, proxies, and firewalls
    • Attendees connect to the closest WebEx Node
  • On-premises data options
    • Media traffic for internal meetings stays behind the firewall
    • Recording are stored on-premises
  • Deployment ease and service reliability

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