Cisco Small Business Wireless Antennas

Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors

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Increases the performance and range of wireless devices


• Improves signal strength to increase range and provide coverage in hard-to-reach areas

• Improves network performance by reducing retransmissions

• Easy installation - simply replace your current antenna

Figure 1. Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors

Product Overview

Increase the range of your wireless network. Attach this high-gain antenna to your Cisco ® Small Business wireless networking device, and increase both the effective strength of the outgoing signals and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals.
The added signal strength and sensitivity also improve the reliability of close-range communications, because every packet comes through loud and clear, reducing retransmissions due to errors caused by weak signal reception.
To install, just unscrew your current antenna and attach the Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna (Figure 1) in its place. There are no drivers to install, and no modifications to your setup are necessary.
The Cisco HGA7S saves wiring costs and helps to build corporate wireless infrastructure by driving stronger signals into distant corners and hard-to-reach areas. And it's perfect for covering large areas in warehouse environments, public spaces, wireless hotspots, and outdoor venues - anywhere you need extra coverage for your wireless network.


• Increase the wireless signal of your Cisco Small Busines Wireless-G or Wireless-B devices

• Omnidirectional design for 360 degrees of coverage

• Easy to install, no configuration necessary


Table 1 contains the specifications and package contents for the Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna.

Table 1. Specifications for the Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors


Peak gain

7 dBi

Frequency range

2.4 GHz ~ 2.5 GHz

Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)

1.92 max.


Linear vertical




50 ohms nominal


Reverse SMA


(Length x diameter)

11.22 x 0.47 in.
(285 x 12 mm)

Unit weight

1.41 oz. (0.04 kg)



Operating temperature

-4° to 149° F (-20° to 65° C)

Storage temperature

-22° to 167° F (-30° to 75° C)

Operating humidity

0% to 85% noncondensing

Package Contents

• Cisco HGA7S High-Gain Antenna for R-SMA Connectors

Works with:

• WRV54G
• WMP54G
• WET54G
• WET54GS5
• AS1SMA (antenna stand)

Product Warranty

90-day limited hardware warranty with return to factory replacement

Cisco Limited Warranty for Cisco Small Business Series Products

This Cisco Small Business product comes with a 90-day limited hardware warranty with return to factory replacement. In addition, Cisco offers software application updates for bug fixes and telephone technical support at no charge for the first 12 months following the date of purchase. To download software updates, go to:
Product warranty terms and other information applicable to Cisco products are available at

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