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Cisco Mobility Express Release 1.5 Product Bulletin

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Cisco ® continues to strengthen the Cisco Mobility Express solution, part of the Cisco Smart Business Communication System for small to medium-sized businesses, by enhancing the ease of configuration and management of the Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express Access Points and Cisco Wireless Express Mobility Controller. With Cisco Configuration Assistant Release 1.5, the Cisco Mobility Express solution delivers a new controller setup wizard, predefined configuration templates, automatic policy configuration, and client configuration online help to streamline network and mobility services setup, including secure guest access.

New Features

Table 1 describes the features included in Cisco Mobility Express and Cisco Communication Assistant Release 1.5.

Table 1. Cisco Mobility Express Release 1.5 Features and Benefits




Secure Guest Access

• Enables secure network access by guest users such as customers, vendors, contractors
• Creates separate virtual networks to segment guest traffic from regular employee
• Provides optional Web portal page for Guest login and authentication
• "Lifetime" feature allocates a length of access time (up to 30 days), after which guest user is automatically deleted
• Simplifies set up through Cisco Configuration Assistant
• Enabled through the Cisco Wireless Express Mobility Controller
• Conveniently allows businesses to provide customers, partners, or any authorized visitor with access to the Internet or their own company's networked resources.
• Improves productivity, customer satisfaction, and saves critical time and resources of IT staff.
• Provides security and protects company information and IT assets

Guest Access Portal Page

• Web portal page allows for guest user authentication, login, and redirection to any URL
• Preformatted template can be modified for fast set up or a customized Webpage can be created and uploaded
• Improves user experience
• Provides user-friendly guest authentication
• Requires no HTML experience or knowledge
• Opportunity for VARs to provide managed service

Simplified WLAN Set-up

• Cisco Configuration Assistant now provides a point and click controller setup wizard
• Predefined templates automate policy configuration for data, voice, and guest setup
• Extensive online help for configuring common client devices, including the Cisco 7921 phone
• Streamlines and simplifies configuration of the Cisco Wireless Express Mobility Controller
• Minimizes the number of configuration parameters needed to complete set up
• Enables basic network setup without extensive wireless network expertise
• Reduces the possibility of configuration errors
• Eases client setup, recommends best security practices and configurations

Easy WLAN Monitoring

• Single-screen view provides a snapshot of all WLAN network elements and statistics
• Makes it easy to monitor wireless network activity and health

Standalone Access Point Upgrade Tool

• Cisco Configuration Assistant software tool upgrades standalone Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Points to operate in controller mode
• Administrators can point and click from a list of Cisco Wireless Express Access Points to easily apply upgrade settings to desired access points
• Provides increased flexibility for customers to expand wireless coverage or incorporate mobility services as their business needs grow.

CCA Localization

• Cisco Configuration Assistant is now localized in the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese
• Localization includes online help and Getting Started guide
• Improved usability for specific countries
• Broader market coverage

Figure 1 shows the Guest user setup template and webpage interface.

Figure 1. Guest User Setup Template and Portal Page

Table 2 lists ordering information for Cisco Mobility Express products.

Table 2. Cisco Mobility Express Products

Part Number


Regulatory Domain


Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller



Cisco 521 802.11g Wireless Express Access Point (standalone)


• P=Japan2


Cisco 521 802.11g Wireless Express Access Point (controller based)


• P=Japan2

Service and Support

Cisco offers a wide range of services programs to accelerate customer success. Cisco SMARTnet Service for Cisco Smart Business Communication System (SBCS) provides direct access anytime to Cisco network experts and award-winning resources to help rapidly resolve problems and protect customer investment. Cisco SMARTnet Service for SBCS delivers rapid issue resolution and complete, solutions-level technical support for the Smart Business Communications System. For more information visit

Download the New Software for This Release

• Download Mobility Controller Software Release 1.5 from the Cisco Wireless Software download page (login required).

• Download Cisco Configuration Assistant 1.5 from Cisco Wireless Software download page.

For More Information

For more information about Cisco Mobility Express products, visit
For more information about the Cisco Smart Business Communication System, visit