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Better Than Being There Experiences: Remote Expert

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The following visionary use case explores some of the many ways you could soon benefit from video.

Delivering "In Person" Remote Expertise Anywhere, Anytime Maria needs to sell her house so she and her husband can relocate, but her kitchen, home appliances, and dining room are outdated, and in need of renovation. The realtor would like to list it soon as the peak selling season is approaching, and Maria should act fast.
To tackle this job, Maria first visits a nearby home improvement store where an employee directs her to a large high-definition (HD) video screen with a virtual kitchen showroom. In seconds, a kitchen design expert appears on the screen via video, and initiates a live virtual meeting. Maria shows the virtual consultant some photos of a French country kitchen from a home design magazine, and describes the theme she is looking for. With a few keystrokes, the home design expert pulls up an "endless aisle" of kitchen countertops, cabinets, dining room furniture, and appliances-all displayed in three dimensions (3D) on the enormous video screen. Maria uses gesturing to flick though and choose her favorite colors and styles, and in seconds the virtual showroom redecorates itself to display her choices. The video devices at the home store can even project images of Maria's kitchen into the virtual showroom, so she can see herself in the new environment.

Getting Everyone Involved in Decisions

After working with the design expert for an hour, Maria is ready to share some of her ideas with her husband Bill, who is at home with their children. A home store employee initiates a video call from the store to Maria's home on the HD display, and Bill appears on a live videoconference from his choice of devices-their home television. He could just as easily use a videoconferencing endpoint, a tablet computer, a mobile phone, or a PC with a web cam.
Onscreen, Bill sees Maria and the kitchen designer with the mockup of their redecorated kitchen. While this is happening, the intelligent network synchronizes the video communications content and the shared mockup, so Bill can choose the device he wants to use for each. The video communications and virtual showroom content are automatically adjusted by the network so that Bill has the highest-quality experience possible for his device, location, and home Internet connection. Bill can view and manipulate the showroom with Maria together, so they can make choices and edits together.
Soon, Bill and Maria have made their final choices. They ask their design expert to prepare a set of estimates that they can look over later that evening. Maria and Bill can both instantly transfer the kitchen design options to their phones and tablets. When she returns home, Maria will talk with Bill about their budget and review their options using their television as the most convenient display. When they make their final choice, they contact the home store via video, and the renovation project can begin.

Video for Everyone, Everywhere

As network technology advances faster than ever, the use of video for communications and sharing is moving out of corporate offices and into every part of our lives. Businesses depend on video to bring together teams of employees, partners, and customers from anywhere in the world to speed decisions and save money. These same technologies are enabling consumers to make more informed decisions by consulting an expert anytime, from any location. Video technology enables businesses to better scale their employees and make them more available to customers and colleagues, regardless of where they are located. At the same time, the ability to collaborate by video on any device, anytime, anywhere makes it easier and more convenient for consumers with busy schedules to involve friends and family in important buying decisions. A pioneer in developing advanced network technology, Cisco is at the forefront of rich, interactive collaboration, and applies a comprehensive approach to networked video.

Enabled by the Medianet Architecture

As video becomes pervasive in our lives-at work and at home-the quality of the experience matters. A high quality experience is critical to adoption and to promoting business transformation. If an end user's experience with video is not good, the user will not use it, watch it, consume it or create it. An architectural approach and intelligent network are critical in delivering quality, consistent, and predictable experiences. Cisco ® video solutions and the underlying intelligent Cisco Medianet architecture are optimized for video to create superior experiences (and cost-effective operations) by integrating video capabilities all the way from the network to the application. A medianet has the following characteristics:

Media-aware: The network is aware of the types of media crossing the network, and handles automatic format transcoding to deliver the best experience.

Endpoint-aware: Adaptive endpoints on the network automatically configure and register themselves, saving time and money for IT organizations.

Network-aware: An intelligent network is aware of itself, and employs sophisticated quality of service (QoS) to prioritize traffic and mitigate congestion. It can even dynamically troubleshoot problems to identify devices that are compromising quality.

Cisco: Creating the Future of Video... Today

Cisco today provides a complete array of video solutions for organizations. These solutions include video-enabled collaboration applications such as Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx ® and Cisco Jabber meeting applications; video content offerings that democratize the ability to create and consume video; video surveillance for physical security and new emerging uses; and digital signage for engaging customers and employees. Cisco Videoscape lets service providers bring together content from pay TV, online, and on-demand sources. Altogether, this comprehensive networked video portfolio enables Cisco customers to combine content with social media, communications, and mobility to deliver tomorrow's "better than being there" video experiences-everywhere, at scale, to tens of thousands of enterprise users or millions of consumers.
Cisco's unique approach to video collaboration, video entertainment, and video intelligence, together with its broad portfolio of solutions, provides a flexible, scalable foundation to enable people to enjoy a more interactive, immersive video experience at work and at play-anywhere, at any time, using any device.