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Better Than Being There Experiences: Advertising and Entertainment

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The following visionary use case explores some of the many ways you could soon benefit from video.

The Future of Video-based Advertising and Entertainment: Marketing to Fans The soccer post-season is beginning, and Elena is thrilled that her local team has made the championships this year. She invites friends to her home in New York to watch the first game of the championship, and the excitement mounts as they gather around her high-definition (HD) television. The large screen shows a network broadcast of the game, surrounded by smaller windows with social apps and related video content.
In London, her brother Edward attends the game in person, watching live in the stadium with a networked tablet in his lap. As the kick-off nears, he opens a video chat window on his tablet, launches a videoconference session, and his face appears in the corner of Elena's television screen. He smiles and waves to her as the game begins. He also checks stats and player lineup, thanks to an application provided by the stadium, which also provides the network for his experience.
The championships are underway, and the party explodes with cheers as Elena's team takes an early lead. As the action unfolds, Elena and Edward talk about the game face-to-face, in real time over the network. The first half ends with a spectacular goal from Elena's favorite player. Elena and her friends look at the play in slow motion on her television, using her smartphone as a remote control to step through each frame. Across the ocean, Edward sees Elena's DVR screen live on his tablet, and the two siblings discuss the goal. Then Elena gets an advertisement on her smartphone to buy the scoring player's jersey. The ad is synchronized with the broadcast to capture viewer interest. Elena purchases the jersey through her phone so she can have it for the next game.

A Personalized Viewing Experience

The second half of the game begins with a controversial referee call, and the crowd emotion is high. Elena and her friends review the play on her smartphone from two different angles, tapping to switch perspectives. Elena posts a short comment about the episode on her social networking feed as the game resumes. Unseen to Elena and her friends, the underlying network intelligently and smoothly smoothly brings together multiple viewing angles, social networking, and rich interactive video-all in maximum quality on her HD television.
Across the ocean, Edward enjoys the robust stadium Wi-Fi connection, which adjusts automatically to deliver smooth, responsive video communications and content as he enjoys the game with his sister. The game ends, and their team has won, Edward exits the stadium and encounters a digital sign that offers a purchase of an autographed jersey. He decides to pick one out for his youngest daughter so she can share in the experience.

Moving to Active Engagement

Networked video is fundamentally changing not only the business world, but also our daily lives. Large corporations have long understood the value of the network and its ability to enable people to work together anytime, anywhere, using a variety of devices. As video becomes embedded in our daily life, the network is bringing together broadcast television, social networking, and real-time collaboration in new ways, creating new and unique applications that mean "better than being there" experiences for viewers, users and fans. As the leader in networking, Cisco is at the forefront of new technologies and solutions for video, and applies a holistic approach to networked video.

Enabled by the Medianet Architecture

As video becomes pervasive in our lives-at work and at home-the quality of the experience matters. A high quality experience is critical to adoption and to promoting business transformation. If an end user's experience with video is not good, the user will not use it, watch it, consume it or create it. An architectural approach and intelligent network are critical in delivering quality, consistent, and predictable experiences. Cisco ® video solutions and the underlying intelligent Cisco Medianet architecture are optimized for video to create superior experiences (and cost-effective operations) by integrating video capabilities all the way from the network to the application. A medianet has the following characteristics:

Media-aware: The network is aware of the types of media crossing the network, and handles automatic format transcoding to deliver the best experience.

Endpoint-aware: Adaptive endpoints on the network automatically configure and register themselves, saving time and money for IT organizations.

Network-aware: An intelligent network is aware of itself, and employs sophisticated quality of service (QoS) to prioritize traffic and mitigate congestion. It can even dynamically troubleshoot problems to identify devices that are compromising quality.

Cisco: Creating the Future of Video... Today

Cisco today provides a complete array of video solutions for organizations. These solutions include video-enabled collaboration applications such as Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx ® and Cisco Jabber meeting applications; video content offerings that democratize the ability to create and consume video; video surveillance for physical security and new emerging uses; and digital signage for engaging customers and employees. Cisco Videoscape lets service providers bring together content from pay TV, online, and on-demand sources. Altogether, this comprehensive networked video portfolio enables Cisco customers to combine content with social media, communications, and mobility to deliver tomorrow's "better than being there" video experiences-everywhere, at scale, to tens of thousands of enterprise users or millions of consumers.
Cisco's unique approach to video collaboration, video entertainment, and video intelligence, together with its broad portfolio of solutions, provides a flexible, scalable foundation to enable people to enjoy a more interactive, immersive video experience at work and at play-anywhere, at any time, using any device.