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Cisco Prosumer Video: Capture and Share Video at Work

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What You Will Learn

Captivated by the ease of sharing video with friends and family using Cisco Flip Video camcorders, people have begun asking for an easy-to-use video-capture solution for the workplace. This solution overview, intended for anyone whose career involves communications with co-workers, partners, customers, patients, and students, explains the value of the Cisco Prosumer Video solution. Designed specifically for businesses, the solution consists of the Cisco Flip MinoPRO Camcorder and Cisco FocalPoint. With the Cisco Prosumer Video solution, you can:

• Communicate easily and powerfully with video you capture yourself

• Collaborate on ideas and projects by conveniently sharing video online

• Document best practices, processes, and events accurately and in less time


Video is transforming communications and business processes in every industry. Executives often prefer video communications to the written word because voice inflection and body language reinforce the message. As buyers,we might rather watch a short video than read a data sheet. As learners, we enjoy the convenience of watching video on demand anytime, anywhere instead of attending in-person training. And as budget owners, we appreciate the cost savings from travel avoidance for trainers.
Yet, most video-capture solutions do not account for the special requirements needed to take full advantage of video in business, education, and government (Table 1). Most notably, business video tends to be a team effort. You do not need a committee to give input before you post a video of baby's first steps, but you probably do for business videos on topics such as a new corporate travel policy or a customer testimonial.

Table 1. Creating Video for Work Differs from Creating Video for Friends and Family


Consumer Video

Business Video

Recording time



Collaborative review before publishing



Importance of controlling who views videos



Share information securely



Compliance with industry standards (Health Insurance Portability and

Accountability Act [HIPAA])



Until now, organizations did not have an easy, cost-effective way for employees to share video internally. Sending email messages with large video files consumes network bandwidth and fills up email inboxes. Public video-sharing websites lack the needed security and access controls. And building an internal video-sharing site requires costly investments in servers, storage, network bandwidth, and collaboration tools.


Building on the success of Cisco Flip Video consumer products, the Cisco Prosumer Video solution combines a video-capture device with the Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace for the enterprise. Part of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio of products, Cisco Prosumer Video retains the ease of use of the consumer Cisco Flip Video camcorder while operating in either an open mode via FlipShare, or via a secure mode, using the FocalPoint client for better business policy control. In addition, the MinoPRO has additional memory for longer recording time, as well as a web-based cloud service for easy, secure sharing and collaboration.
Consumer camcorders can connect to FocalPoint, but they use FlipShare as a gateway, whereby FocalPoint becomes one of the sharing partners like YouTube or FaceBook.
PRO camcorders can use FlipShare if the FocalPoint administrator allows it, but they can also use a dedicated FocalPoint client. The dedicated client pulls the video from the camcorder and uploads it directly to the cloud for more controlled operation and security.
Suppose you want to make an announcement about organizational goals for the next year. You simply capture yourself speaking with the Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder. If you want input from your team before publishing, connect the camcorder to your PC or Mac and click a button to upload the video to your organization's Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace, where your team can view it securely from their web browsers.
Cisco Prosumer Video can simplify and enrich the way we communicate, collaborate, and document:

Organizational communications: Executives articulate their ideas well. Often they communicate out loud toa writer, who then develops a written document. Inviting executives to speak directly to the audience can getthe message out more quickly. Video also enriches communications because viewers can hear enthusiasm inthe speaker's voice, for example, or see confidence in facial expressions and body language. Using Cisco's Prosumer Video solution overcomes a major barrier to communications in globally dispersed organizations.

Collaboration and training: Paper employee manuals are expensive and time-consuming to produce - and often less than thrilling to read. As an alternative, sending corporate trainers to branch offices is costly in terms of time, travel expense, and carbon emissions. In addition, employees have to interrupt their activities to attend offsite training sessions. The Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder and FocalPoint online video workspace make it easy and cost-effective to create and collaborate on video training materials.

Documentation: Use a Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder to document best practices, winning sales techniques, complex process and designs, and more. For example, an insurance claims adjuster can capture and share video of an accident scene and property damage for a faster and more accurate record. A manufacturing engineer can use video to document a problem on the assembly line far more quickly than attempting to explain it to the product designer in words. Retailers can use a Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder to accurately document shopper behavior for research and planning.

Healthcare: Patients tend to forget care instructions over time, resulting in delayed healing or, in the case of physical therapy, incorrect exercise technique that can do more harm than good. Instruction sheets provide little value when patients misplace them, have limited reading skills, or speak another language. With the Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder, healthcare providers and physical therapists can create easy-to-understand video instructions. And for long-term follow-up, healthcare providers can reduce the cost and hassle of appointments by providing Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorders to patients as part of outpatient care, with instructions to file video reports by visiting Cisco FocalPoint. This arrangement is familiar in healthcare because providers already loan out devices such as heart and blood-pressure monitors.

Education: Having grown up in a world of video-sharing sites and video games, many of today's students absorb content better - and certainly more enthusiastically - when course material is presented in video format. School teachers and college professors can use Cisco Prosumer Video to build a library of learning content, extend the classroom outside campus boundaries, and support students with learning disabilities. Instructors can also engage students by inviting them to work in teams to create and publish their own videos, a skill that also helps prepare them for the 21st century workplace.


The first products in the expanding Cisco Prosumer Video solution are the Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder and an optional Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace for video sharing (Figure 1). Everyone with an account can share videos according to the rules and permissions you set up. FocalPoint also includes private and shared spaces, so that account holders have the option to share content or keep it private

Figure 1. Cisco Prosumer Video Enables Video-Based Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime

You do not need to install any software on your computer to use the Cisco Online Video Workspace cloud service, and your company does not have to make any investment in servers, firewalls, storage, or network bandwidth Instead, you simply visit the website and enter your account information to log on (Figure 2). After you are authorized, you can:

• Upload video that you captured on your Cisco Flip MinoPRO camcorder

• Control who can view your videos by assigning viewing rights

• Organize videos in folders, such as one for each classroom in a school, or one for each project in a company division

• Edit video and to capture key messages

Figure 2. Cloud-Based Software Tools Avoid Costs of Servers, Storage, and Management for Video

Why Cisco?

The Cisco Prosumer Video solution combines the easy-to-use features of Cisco Flip Video consumer camcorders and Cisco's expertise in video and collaboration. The result is a natural experience that supports the way people communicate and collaborate at work. The Cisco Prosumer Video solution also integrates with other Cisco Collaboration products, making it easy to share video within and outside your organization.

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