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FlipShare: Organize, Create, and Share Video Content from Your Flip Camcorder

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Product Overview

FlipShare software, pre-loaded onto every Flip and FlipPRO video camera, makes it easy to organize, create and share all your favorite personal or work-related experiences.
FlipShare lets you:

• Create custom movies and capture snapshots from video

• Email videos privately to friends and family

• Create Flip Channels to share videos privately with groups of friends or family

• Share videos directly to Cisco FocalPoint, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

• Watch videos on-the-go using the FlipShare Mobile app or at

• Watch videos on your TV at home with FlipShare TV

Figure 1 shows the FlipShare user interface.

Figure 1. FlipShare User Interface.

Features and Benefits

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of FlipShare software.

Table 1. FlipShare Features and Benefits

Organize your videos

FlipShare makes it simple to organize and archive your videos - just drag and drop them into folders you've created, or use the automatically created date-stamped folders.

Capture photos

Capture photos straight from your videos using the easy Snapshot feature. You can grab a still-image photo from any of the 60 frames that comprise each second of your video.

Make movies

FlipShare gives you the power to make your directorial debut - and have fun doing it. Whether you're combining clips or editing them, you have all the easy-to-use features you need to tell a story, including adding custom music.


Share your videos privately with friends and family using FlipShare's attachment-free email.

Share video content online

FlipShare makes it easy to upload your videos to the Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace as well as other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Simply select the site and the video, and enter your account information to upload content.

Use Flip Channels

Create private Flip Channels, the easiest way to share videos and photos with groups of friends and family.

Send greeting cards

Create electronic greeting cards starring you!

Platform Support and Compatibility

FlipShare works with the following social networking media:

• Cisco FocalPoint online video workspace

• Facebook

• YouTube

• Twitter


FlipShare software comes preinstalled on all Flip Video camcorders at no additional charge.

Product Specifications

System Requirements

Table 2 lists system requirements for 720-pixel and 30-frames-per-second (FPS) models.

Table 2. 720/30 (720p at 30 frames per second) Minimum System Requirements.

Operating System



3.0-GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor with 1 GB of RAM, Windows® XP SP3 or Windows 7 or Windows Vista® SP2, and a USB port


1.66-GHz Intel Core Duo® or faster processor with 1 GB of RAM, OS X Leopard 10.5® or OS X Snow Leopard® 10.6, and a USB port

Warranty Information

Cisco offers a 1-year limited warranty for Flip consumer camcorders. Find warranty information at:

Ordering Information

FlipShare software comes preinstalled on Flip camcorders. Camcorders can be purchased online and in most retail locations. For a detailed list of North American retail partners, visit:

Cisco Services

For Flip camcorder and FlipShare support, visit:

For More Information

For more information about Flip camcorders and FlipShare, visit: