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Cisco® Collaboration Solutions improve team and customer experiences to help organizations promote innovation and improve decision making while building trust and enhancing team performance.

Product Overview

Cisco SpeechView converts voice messages to text and delivers the text version of the voice message to your email inbox, allowing you to read your voice messages and take immediate action. The application is a feature of the Cisco Unity® Connection unified messaging solution, so the original audio version of each voice message remains available to you anywhere, anytime with Cisco Unity Connection. Cisco SpeechView transcribes and sends voice messages within minutes of being left in your Cisco Unity Connection voice mailbox - you do not need to learn any commands or take special action to receive text versions of your voice messages (Figure 1).

The Cisco SpeechView solution enables organizations to make faster and better decisions, thus enhancing productivity. In organizations today, regardless of how busy or mobile you are, the expectation is that you are responsive. Unlike email, for which a delayed response is anticipated, with voice messages people expect a fast reply.

   How do you respond to voicemail when you have little time to stop what you are doing and listen to your messages?

   How do you know which messages are important and must be responded to now?

   How do you decide which messages are urgent enough to interrupt a meeting?

Cisco SpeechView, with an effectively accurate transcription of your voicemails, empowers you to manage your voice mailbox.

Features and Benefits

   Easy to use

     Learn who called and what was said at a glance.

     You do not need to dial in to retrieve messages, nor do you need to take notes on the message content.

     You have nothing new to learn. Your experience is the same as for regular voice, email, and text messages.

     Return calls by clicking the caller’s phone number shown in the Cisco SpeechView message.


     All data that is transmitted, processed, and stored is encrypted.

     Security measures are applied at the physical, network, and application layers and comply with ISO Certification and data protection and privacy protocols.

     User data is kept anonymous.

   Improves business processes and responsiveness

     Messages are delivered in both audio and text formats, allowing you to decide the best way to manage them.

     View voice messages while in meetings or out of the office, speeding up decision making.

     Convert voice message retrieval downtime into message reading uptime.

     Prioritize and sort both voice and email messages from a single email inbox.

     Save time and work hands-free by sending a voice message instead of typing an email message.

   Available in two service levels

     Standard fully automated service without human intervention.

     Professional human assisted service with very high transcription accuracy.

Figure 1.      Cisco SpeechView Information Flow

The call flow is as follows (refer to Figure 1):

1.     Call is made to Cisco SpeechView subscriber.

2.     Audio voice messages are recorded and stored on Cisco Unity Connection.

3.     Cisco Unity Connection automatically sends messages for enabled Cisco SpeechView users through the firewall to a third-party external transcription service[1].

4.     The administrator can enable users to receive notifications as email notifications.

Product Specifications and System Requirements

Table 1 lists the specifications and system requirements of Cisco SpeechView.

Table 1.       Product Specifications and System Requirements of Cisco SpeechView




Cisco SpeechView requires no additional hardware outside the Cisco Unity Connection solution hardware. For more information about Cisco Unity Connection hardware, refer to the supported platforms list. For more information about installing Cisco Unity Connection, refer to the installation guide.


Cisco SpeechView is enabled by a user license purchased from Cisco. Table 2 gives licensing details. The application requires no additional software outside the Cisco Unity Connection solution software (Cisco Unity Connection version 8.0(3) or higher). Cisco SpeechView Professional version requires Cisco Unity Connection version 8.6(2) or higher. For more information about installing Cisco Unity Connection, refer to the installation guide.


The corporate email server needs to be configured to relay one email address to the Cisco Unity Connection server.

Interoperability with email systems and phones

Cisco SpeechView uses standards-based message delivery protocols - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in this case - to deliver email messages. Follow the instructions in the system administration guide for Cisco Unity Connection.

Third-party external transcription service

Cisco SpeechView is a service offering that involves a third party for transcription. The application is purchased, deployed, and supported like any other Cisco Unity Connection feature, with no relationship needed with the external transcription service. The only difference between Cisco SpeechView and other Cisco Unity Connection features is that the transcription occurs in the cloud instead of on your premises.


The text transcription is not an exact replication of the voice message. The first 30 seconds (approximately 500 characters) of the message are transcribed and delivered to maintain the service speed while delivering the essential components of the voice message. If a message cannot be transcribed because of poor quality (testing has shown that approximately 20 to 25% of messages cannot be transcribed due to poor audio quality), Cisco SpeechView sends you a notification telling you that you need to listen to your voice message directly from Cisco Unity Connection.

Language Support

Cisco SpeechView supports the following languages:

   English (Australian, United States, and United Kingdom)

   French (European and Canadian)



   Portuguese (Brazilian)

   Spanish (European and Latin American)

Ordering Information

Cisco SpeechView user licenses are sold as 1-year contracts on a per-user basis. The licensing period begins when the license is applied to the user on the Cisco Unity Connection solution, not at the time the license is purchased. There is no limit to the number of voice messages converted during the licensing period.

To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering homepage and refer to Table 2. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

Table 2.       Ordering Information



Part Number

Cisco SpeechView Standard

1-year subscription


Cisco SpeechView Professional

1-year subscription


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[1] The external transcription service uses machine-based conversion. The third-party external transcription service has a relationship only with Cisco; you do not need to have a direct relationship with the external transcription service.