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Announcing First Customer Shipment of Cisco Unified Presence 7.0(5)

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Cisco is pleased to announce that Cisco® Unified Presence 7.0 has been upgraded to Version 7.0(5). The Cisco Unified Presence software is available for download from the software center at:

Product Overview

An integral part of the Cisco Unified Communications Family of products, Cisco Unified Presence is an important component for maximizing the workspace experience delivered by Cisco Unified Communications. It collects information about a user's availability status, such as whether the user is using a communications device such as a phone at a particular time. It also collects information regarding a user's communications capabilities, such as whether the user is currently in a meeting. Using information captured by Cisco Unified Presence, applications such as Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) can improve productivity by helping users connect with colleagues more efficiently by determining the most effective means for collaborative communication.
Cisco Unified Presence takes advantage of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to support new voice services in the enterprise environment. SIP enhances the voice network by providing a core set of behaviors for session establishment and control that can be applied in a wide array of features and services. In addition to core SIP support, Cisco Unified Presence uses SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (SIMPLE) to support both instant messaging and presence.
Cisco Unified Presence consists of a SIP presence engine and a SIP proxy function. The presence engine collects user presence information (such as busy, idle, away, in a meeting, on the phone, or available status) as well as user capabilities (such as the such as the capability to support voice, instant messaging, as well as being available for a meeting) and compiles the data in a repository for each user. This repository is accessed by the applications and features that each user employs. Users can apply unique user rules and privacy to help ensure that only authorized applications and users have access to their presence information. The SIP proxy function facilitates efficient and accurate routing of both presence and general SIP messaging through the enterprise.
Cisco Unified Presence is tightly integrated with various desktop clients and applications. It helps Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, the Cisco enterprise desktop client, to perform numerous functions such as click-to-dial and phone control and voice, video, and web collaboration. In addition, Cisco Unified Presence provides a core instant messaging service for Cisco Unified IP Phones connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The application also supports interoperability with enterprise desktop applications such as IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Office Communicator, allowing these desktop applications to operate in conjunction with Cisco Unified IP Phones supported on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

New Features and Benefits of Cisco Unified Presence 7.0(5)

• Clustering over WAN: This feature allows members of a Cisco Unified Presence cluster to be split across a WAN infrastructure. Many customers have requirements to split server functions across data centers for networking, resilience, and disaster-recovery reasons. Prior to this release Cisco Unified Presence servers had to be co-located with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher. The split options we are supporting in this release follow:

– Split data center model (split of a single subcluster)

– Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Communications Manager split

– Server-client split

• Microsoft Office Communications Server Rev 2 support

• Trial license support: You can run Cisco Unified Presence in a evaluation mode for 90 days.

• Support for new Cisco MCS 7835-I3 and MCS 7845-I3 Media Convergence Servers

• Enhanced serviceability to improve consistency in Cisco Unified Presence events and alarms

Support for IM compliance:

The Cisco Developer Network has qualified the Sipera Systems UC-Sec appliance solution for deployment with Cisco Unified Presence. The Sipera UC-Sec solution:

• Enables compliance logging for all instant messaging associated with Cisco Unified Presence

• Provides comprehensive functions across any network for all clients connected to Cisco Unified Presence

For more information about the Sipera Systems UC-Sec solution, refer to the Cisco Developer Network Partner Site.

Key Features and Benefits of Cisco Unified Presence 7.0(4)

• Enhancement to the high-availability feature through support for server-side failback:

– After a failover occurs, Cisco Unified Presence detects the return to service of the failed node and signals to the failed-over Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients to initiate a failback to their homed node.

• Enhancements to Microsoft Office Communicator Remote Call Control support:

– Support for Microsoft Office Communicator Remote Call Control of the new Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921, 6941, and 6961 models

– Ability to initiate a download of the Multi-device Phone Selection plug-in for Microsoft Office Communicator from the Cisco Unified Presence Admin plug-ins page

– Support for the selection of a Microsoft Office Communicator line appearance based on description

– Remote serviceability enhancements for improved administration and maintenance:

– Ability to display the number of registered Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients through the Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)

– A server and cluster count of the number of instant messages sent in a 1- to 5-minute interval

– A count of the number of failed registration and login attempts by Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients

– Support for new Cisco MCS 7825-H4, MCS 7825-I4, and MCS 7816-I4 servers

Ordering Information

Refer to the Cisco Unified Presence Product Data Sheet for ordering information, including details about part numbers and required components.

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For More Information

For more information about Cisco Unified Presence, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.