Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

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Product Bulletin No. 3509


Cisco Systems ® is pleased to announce that Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is now orderable. The Cisco ® Unified Personal Communicator software is now available for download from the software center.
An integral part of the Cisco Unified Communications family of products, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is a desktop computer application that helps enable more effective communications. By transparently integrating your most frequently used communications applications and services, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator streamlines the communication experience, helping you work smarter and faster. With Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, you can access voice, video, document sharing, and presence information-all from a single, rich-media interface connected to Cisco Unified CallManager.


Cisco Unified Personal Communicator transparently integrates a wide variety of communications applications and services, connecting you to a rich set of unified communication tools. Using dynamic presence information, you can check the availability of colleagues in real time, reducing "phone tag" and improving productivity. You can easily search existing directories to locate important contacts and initiate communications. Video and Web conferencing enable you to exchange ideas "face-to-face" and collaborate more effectively with colleagues. You also can view and hear your voice messages quickly and easily. With Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, you can connect to important communication tools virtually anywhere, anytime to enable smarter, more effective communications.

Key Features and Benefits

Communication integration: Take advantage of a single intuitive interface for voice and video calls, voicemail playback, Web conferencing, and integrated directories.

Presence: View real-time availability of other Cisco Unified Personal Communicator users.

Unified contact list: Search your corporate directory from one easy-to-use interface to locate contacts quickly. Simply click to call.

Media escalation: Add communication methods during a session; for example, you can add video to an existing audio session or add Web conferencing to an existing audio or video session.

Click-to-call: Dial from the contact list, using either the integrated softphone or an associated Cisco Unified IP phone.

Integrated voice and video calling: Exchange ideas face-to-face with a coordinated video display on the PC screen and audio conversation with the softphone. Users can place video calls to others using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, Cisco Unified Video Advantage, or the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985G, a personal desktop videophone.

IP phone association: Use Cisco Unified Personal Communicator to control your desktop Cisco Unified IP phone and make or receive calls.

Conferencing: Create multiparty voice or video conferencing sessions by simply merging conversation sessions using the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator intuitive interface. There is no need to call into a separate conference bridge.

Web conferencing: Launch a Web conferencing session at a moment's notice to share content, such as a presentation, with others.

Voice messages: Access Cisco Unity® Connection voicemail messages-view, playback, sort, and delete messages-all from the same client application.


Cisco Unified Personal Communicator can be obtained through normal ordering processes. Refer to the product data sheet and the pricing and ordering guidelines for more details about part numbers and required components.


Cisco is conducting a review cycle for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator 1.1. The general process for getting an order removed from new product hold is as follows:

1. Place an order for the software. You can place an order using normal purchasing methods from Cisco, a distributor, or a partner.

2. Fill out the new product hold clearance Web form. Please put in as much detail as possible. The form is available at:

3. The new product hold review team will review the order within 3 business days. Under normal circumstances the review will occur within 1 business day.

4. A notification will be sent by e-mail to the submitter.

5. The new product hold review team will authorize release of the new product hold. Manufacturing actually clears the orders, and it usually takes 1-2 business days for the order to be fully cleared.

6. When new product hold is cleared, normal order fulfillment follows.

Note: The new product hold review team cannot escalate orders. Use the Cisco Global Contact Center (GCC) if you have any questions about specific orders. The Cisco GCC can be reached by:

• Calling 800 553-6387, option 3

• Opening a case by using the Case Management Tool

• Sending e-mail to



For more information about the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.