Cisco Mobile for Nokia

Cisco Mobile for Nokia

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Cisco® Collaboration Solutions improve team and customer experiences to help organizations encourage innovation and improve decision making while building trust and enhancing team performance.

Product Overview

Cisco Mobile for Nokia enables your Symbian Version 3.1- or 3.2-powered device to connect you to your corporate communications network, whether over third-generation (3G) networks or wireless LANs (WLANs). Taking advantage of the security of enterprise VPN, Cisco Mobile for Nokia can provide access to your corporate contacts with real-time presence information, and you can benefit from the cost savings and security of routing your calls through the corporate telephony network (Figure 1).
Cisco Mobile for Nokia is one of several Cisco solutions for Nokia devices and other mobile devices. Other mobile solutions include Nokia Call Connect for Cisco, Cisco Jabber for Android, Cisco Mobile for iPhone, and Cisco WebEx® Meeting Center.

Figure 1. Cisco Mobile for Nokia

Benefits of Cisco Mobile for Nokia

Quickly Communicate with Mobile Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is an important communication option that lets you efficiently interact in today's multitasking business environment. Cisco Mobile for Nokia delivers instant messaging capabilities that are based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) open standard. You can securely communicate with colleagues who use XMPP-based instant messaging sources such as Cisco Jabber for Mac, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, and Cisco WebEx Connect. Cisco Mobile for Nokia instant messaging delivers secure directory information and presence status of your contacts to your Nokia device for more efficient and flexible mobile collaboration.

Always-On Smooth experience

Because Cisco Mobile runs in the background and automatically registers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager when available, you can transparently place and receive calls on your work number without needing to click the Cisco Mobile for Nokia application.

Lower Mobility Costs

Cisco Mobile for Nokia allows you to place and receive calls through your Cisco telephony infrastructure, even though you are on the road calling over the cellular network. Because Cisco Mobile for Nokia uses your Cisco Unified Communications Manager call-routing capabilities, you can also avoid toll charges for international calls.

Mobile Privacy

Cisco Mobile for Nokia turns your Nokia smartphone into an extension on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You appear to receive and make calls from your desk phone when using Cisco Mobile for Nokia. Executives benefit from this feature because they often want to keep their mobile number private when placing calls.

Enterprise Telephony Features

Cisco Mobile for Nokia offers enterprise-class telephony functions including transfer, conference, hold and resume, and park and recover calls. You can also move Cisco Mobile for Nokia calls to and from your Cisco Unified IP Phone to continue a conversation on a different phone (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Midcall Features

With Cisco Mobile for Nokia, you have many dialing options. You can place a call from your enterprise contacts list, manually dial a number, or simply use your native address book. If you have installed Nokia Call Connect, Cisco Mobile for Nokia allows you to dial calls over the WLAN.
Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Mobile for Nokia.

Table 1. User Features and Benefits



Place and receive calls over your corporate network

Using Cisco Mobile for Nokia, you can place and receive calls through Cisco Unified Communications Manager using the Dial via Office feature, reducing missed calls and costs. When away from the office, a VPN connection is required to activate this feature.

Place and receive calls over a VPN

When away from the office, you can place and receive calls using a Wi-Fi network (for example, a home network or Wi-Fi hotspot) or the cellular data network and a VPN connection to your office. Nokia Call Connect is required for this feature.

Midcall features

You can take advantage of enterprise calling features such as conference, transfer, hold and resume, and park and retrieve, even though calls route over the cellular network (Dial via Office and Single Number Reach calls).

Integration with Cisco Mobile Connect (Single Number Reach)

Cisco Mobile Connect enables you to receive calls placed to your desk extension on your Nokia (through the Global System for Mobile Communications [GSM]). Cisco Mobile for Nokia will recognize these calls and allow for easy call management.

Handoff to GSM

You can hand off your data connections between WLAN and cellular data networks (in both directions) without user intervention, leaving you always connected. Nokia Call Connect for Cisco is required for this feature.

Handoff to and from desk phone

You can hand off your call from Cisco Mobile for Nokia to your desk phone and continue your call using your desk phone. Similarly, you can hand off calls from the desk phone to Cisco Mobile for Nokia, so you have freedom to move about.

Message-waiting indicator (MWI) and access to corporate voicemail

You can get notifications for new corporate voicemail messages and easily access your office voicemail box with a single click. In addition, you can get alerted to new voicemail messages even when Cisco Mobile for Nokia is running in the background.

Directory access

You can search your corporate directory from an easy-to-use interface. You can quickly select a name to call or add a person to your Contacts list.

Picture integration

You can view contacts with pictures, whether they appear in Contacts, missed calls, or instant messages.

XMPP-based instant messaging and presence

Your contact list can show the real-time presence of your contacts, and allow for immediate instant message chatting. Contact presence is shown in contacts, missed calls, directory details, and instant messaging so that you are always informed of your contacts' availability,

Note: Cisco Mobile for Nokia is a generic XMPP client that will not support all of the Cisco specific administrative policies.

Table 2 gives information about platform support and compatibility.

Table 2. Platform Support and Compatibility for Cisco Mobile for Nokia (refer to the release notes for exact versions)


Supported Product

Version Number

Telephony integration

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

8.0.3 and 8.5 (refer to release notes for exact versions)


Cisco Unity® Connection

8.0 and 8.5

Presence and instant messaging (on premises)

Cisco Unified Presence

8.0 and higher

Presence and instant messaging (Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud)

Cisco WebEx Connect

C6 and higher

Product Specifications

Nokia devices running Symbian S60v3.1 and S60v3.2 are generally supported. Refer to the release notes for further details, because some devices may have known problems.

Ordering Information

You can download Cisco Mobile for Nokia for free from in April 2011. You must have a device license to use the software (Table 3). To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page.

Table 3. Ordering Information

Product Number



Top Level SKU. Start with this SKU in the ordering tool then configure it to add the following option.


Nokia User License

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For More Information

For more information about Cisco Mobile for Nokia, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.