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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with Cisco Unity Express

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Cost-Effective IP Communications Solution for the Small Office

Cisco ® Unified Communications Manager Express provides call processing for Cisco Unified IP Phones. Cisco Unity ® Express offers voicemail and automated-attendant capabilities for IP phone users connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. The voicemail and automated-attendant capabilities are fully integrated into the Cisco access router using a network module or services-ready engine (SRE). With this solution, the Cisco portfolio of access routers delivers features similar to those of a key system or hybrid private branch exchange (PBX) plus the rich data and routing capabilities expected on the award winning Cisco integrated services routers(ISRs), Customers can now deliver unified communications to their small sites and branch offices with a solution that is very simple to deploy, administer, and maintain. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with Cisco Unity Express offers customers a cost-effective, highly reliable, feature-rich solution for an office deployment with up to 450 users.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express extends the benefits of IP communications and "enterprise-like" capability to the small office on a Cisco router:

• Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by delivering voice and data on a consolidated infrastructure

• Complements the end-to-end Cisco IP Communications portfolio by cost-effectively extending IP telephony support to the small-business telephony market

• Offers simple configuration and deployment for enterprise customers who are familiar with Cisco infrastructure

• Takes advantage of Cisco data expertise, market leadership, and industry-standard Cisco IOS® Software

• Enables flexible configuration and management using familiar Cisco IOS Software command-line interface (CLI) or a web-based GUI

• Supports converged applications, including content networking, video, quality of service (QoS), firewall, VPN, DSL, Ethernet, and XML services

• Provides 100-percent investment protection for customers evaluating IP telephony if they choose to migrate to a centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager architecture

Segment and Industrial Market Targets


• Enterprises with multiple autonomous remote sites or branch offices with up to 450 users per site that have telephony and data connectivity needs

• Enterprises that want decentralized call control because of bandwidth constraints or other considerations such as the need for key system functionality

• Enterprise retail customers looking for a distributed call-processing solution without dependency of WAN link or limited features available when in Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) mode

Enterprises evaluating a Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment can use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express solutions to evaluate unified communications at a limited number of small locations and then migrate to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution with 100-percent investment protection. The Cisco integrated services router becomes a high-availability voice gateway offering SRST through a simple configuration change. Cisco Unity Express is supported in both Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express networks, so a customer's investment in Cisco Unity Express is also protected.


• Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with up to 450 users per site that want to take advantage of the inherent benefits of an IP telephony system and need or have a Cisco router for data connectivity and Internet access

• SMBs looking for a quick and easy way to install an IP telephony solution from Cisco that does not require a server-based solution for call processing

Service Provider

• Service providers that want to add incremental revenue for data-managed services; service providers can deliver IP telephony on the same Cisco access routers they currently use to provide managed data services

Service providers selling managed Cisco Unified Communications Manager services can use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express as an evaluation and sales tool to familiarize customers with IP telephony.

Industrial Markets and Targets

• Retail

• Insurance

• Financial services

• Education

• Healthcare and medical

• Legal

• Manufacturing

• Federal and local government agencies

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Unified Communications Express, and Table 2 helps you determine when and where to sell the application.

Table 1. Features and Benefits of Cisco Unified Communications Express

Cisco Unified Communications Express Features


Single platform to manage and maintain

A single platform translates to reduced operating costs. The portfolio of Cisco access routers provides industry-leading features such as robust QoS, network security, encryption, and firewall, and offers new network modules that deliver content networking, enhanced VPN services, and a variety of other capabilities to address branch- and small-office business needs. Cisco integrated services routers can also deliver integrated IP telephony, voicemail, automated-attendant services, and basic automatic call distributor (ACD), allowing you to deploy a single platform to address all your business needs. This solution simplifies management, maintenance, and operations, which result in lower TCO for the customer.

Interoperability with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity application

You can deploy mixed call-processing platforms and voicemail and automated-attendant solutions; Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Messaging, or Cisco Unity Express links all sites across the WAN with full integration. Voicemail messages can be shared between Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Express sites using Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM)-based networking.

Easily replicated solution

The solution provides consistency across all locations. With one platform and configuration replicated across many sites, network administrators can greatly reduce the complexity of their environments.

Desktop applications

Cisco Unified CallConnector delivers easy-to-use call-control and presence features that increase productivity and enhance communications. It uses toolbars within common applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer, providing transparent desktop integration and new and easy ways to work smarter and faster.

Small form factor

A small form factor saves valuable space in retail environments - a single platform can replace several standalone solutions.

Support for applications

XML enables a wide variety of productivity-enhancing applications for end users.

Reduced moves, adds, and changes effort and cost

IP telephony lowers the complexity and human intervention often required for traditional telephony moves, adds, and changes.

Support for IP telephony architecture on-net calling

This support enables companies to save money on toll charges by routing their intersite calls over their QoS-enabled WAN.

Robust set of commonly used telephony features

Small offices have different workflows, and they require specialized features to support their work practices. You can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to deliver commonly used key system or low-end PBX-like features.

Centralized provisioning and monitoring, and remote maintenance and troubleshooting

This feature allows you to configure and administer your entire voice and data network from a central location, as well as allowing monitoring of the systems using centralized tools. IP connectivity to the systems also allows for remote troubleshooting and problem resolution - enabling significant savings in network operations and maintenance costs.

Centralized configuration and administration

Customers can centrally configure and administer more than 1000 distributed Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with Cisco Unity Express systems using Arcana's ManageExpress iManage solution. Arcana's iManage provides an easy-to-use configuration tool that provides Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for a general user, office administrator, or system administrator.

Built-in voicemail

• Cisco Unity Express on a Cisco Internal Service Module-Services-Ready Engine (ISM-SRE) provides up to 60 hours, and the Cisco Unity Express on the Services-Ready Engine provides 600 hours of voicemail storage, from 10 up to 32 concurrent sessions, 100 to 500 voicemail boxes, and 25 general delivery mailboxes, along with a suite of commonly used voicemail features, including distribution lists, broadcast messages, and voicemail message sharing between Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unity sites.
• You can get started with voicemail by using the complete yet concise telephone-user-interface (TUI) tutorial. It takes you step-by-step through the mailbox setup process, minimizing the need for administrator intervention or assistance, thereby saving both time and money.
• Voice messages are sent to your Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) desktop email inbox, taking advantage of the existing messaging infrastructure and IMAP email clients. Cisco Unity Express desktop messaging access provides simple, native access to voicemail from virtually any email client - giving continuous and global access to messages.
• Cisco Unity Express with VoiceView Express is a convenient and faster "visual" alternative to TUI; with this interface you can access and manage messages and mailbox settings using the Cisco IP Phone display and soft keys. Cisco Unity VoiceView Express improves employee productivity by providing quick visibility into voice mailboxes, helping you better manage your day-to-day tasks.

Built-in Automated Attendant

Cisco Unity Express includes a full-featured, customizable Automated Attendant with the following important features: five different Automated-Attendant greetings, dial-by-name, dial-by-extension, one-key dialing, multiple menu levels, holiday schedules, business hours, zero out to alternate phone number, and return to operator. These robust capabilities simplify self-service for callers by allowing them to quickly reach the right person with or without operator assistance.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express License upgradable to SRST

The upgradable license offers investment protection and ease of upgrade to centralized call-processing solutions. You can convert a system with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to a highly available, robust voice gateway at a remote site in a centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployment architecture. This flexibility helps ensure full and risk-free investment protection to successful businesses that might outgrow the system capacity of 450 users.

Table 2. When and Where to Sell Customer Requirements

When to Sell - Customer Requirements

Where to Sell - Customer Candidate Requirements

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is designed for an office of up to 450 users who need data-routing capability and want to enable telephony features, including voicemail and automated-attendant on the same router.

"When-to-Sell" Triggers Include:

• Customers who have key systems or PBXs that are reaching the end of life or lease expiration
• Customers who want to consolidate and integrate network services onto a single device and want that device or platform to be capable of supporting a multitude of business requirements
• Customers who are looking to reduce operating expenses through standardization; central management and provisioning; improved employee productivity; reduced effort and cost of moves, adds, and changes; etc.
• Customers who are expanding and adding new offices
• Customers who are moving locations
• Customers who are consolidating or restructuring
• Customers who are planning an upgrade of their voice network
• Customers who are planning an upgrade of their data network
• Customers who are interested in IP telephony but are uneasy about committing to a large initial investment
• Requires less than 450 phones
• Has or needs router (WAN or VPN Internet)
• Needs voicemail and has an available network module or advanced-integration-module (AIM) slot for Cisco Unity Express on the Cisco 2800, 2900, 3800 and 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers
• Desires distributed call processing at each location to minimize WAN bandwidth or QoS engineering requirements
• Wants key-system or PBX-hybrid type features
• Requires an automated-attendant or Basic-ACD function

Why Cisco Surpasses the Competition

• Market leadership: Twenty years of experience and expertise in IP innovation

• End-to-end solution: The only all-in-one, office-in-a-box solution for SMBs or branch-office locations: Switching, routing, call processing, Automated Attendant, voicemail, conferencing, voice gateway, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and more

• Industry-leading security and reliability

• World-class service and support

• Industry-leading investment protection for future growth

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The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express license includes a no-cost upgrade to SRST.