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Unified Communications Widgets – Enhance User Experience in Every Workspace

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Cisco® Unified Communications Widgets is a suite of applications that deliver productive and personalized user experience with Cisco Unified Communications applications and Cisco Unified IP Phones. With these free-to-download and easy-to-add Cisco Unified Communications Widgets, you can streamline business communications and instantly access rich Cisco Unified Communications to have a tailored and familiar collaboration experience in every workspace.

The Cisco Unified Communications Widgets suite includes the following applications:

• Phone Designer is a Cisco Unified Communications Widget for Cisco Unified IP Phones that allows you to quickly customize your Cisco Unified IP Phone display with the wallpaper of your choice, as well as create or change your ring tones to a preferred melody.

• Click to Call is a Cisco Unified Communications Widget for PCs that allows you to place Cisco Unified Communications Manager calls from desktop productivity applications and your web browser to connect and collaborate with everyone.

• Visual Voicemail is a Cisco Unified Communications Widget that allows you to view, listen and respond to Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection messages right from the Cisco Unified IP Phone display - without having to dial into your corporate voicemail box.

Personalize Business Communications with Phone Designer

Whether it is changing wallpapers and screen savers on computer monitors or being able to download the latest ring tones to mobile phones, business professionals have expressed the desire to add a personal touch to their business communications experience.
The desire for personalized business communications experience is especially strong among next-generation business professionals entering the workforce. These young business professionals are accustomed to tailoring their personal communications on social networking sites or mobile phones and they want similar capabilities in the workplace.
Unlike wallpapers on computer monitors that are normally hidden by desktop applications or screen savers that are commonly displayed while users are away from their desks, the vibrant Cisco Unified IP Phone color display provides an always-on alternative. Phone Designer allows you to show your favorite picture on your Cisco Unified IP Phone color display (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Customize Cisco Unified IP Phone Color Display with Phone Designer

As businesses and organizations move toward open office environments to promote teamwork between co-workers, having a unique ring tone on your Cisco Unified IP Phone can help you quickly determine when someone is trying to call your desk phone. Whether you are walking back to your cubical or white boarding in a neighboring cubical, you will be able to distinguish your personalized ring tone and will only need to react to business calls directed to your phone..
With Phone Designer, you can customize your ring tones by choosing from a standard list of tones included with the application. You also can select a favorite melody from your MP3 music collection and uploaded it to your Cisco Unified IP Phone.

Streamline Business Communications with the Click to Call Application

With the proliferation of technology in the workspace, business professionals often find themselves needing to use their desk phone to contact multiple communications devices in order to reach the same person. In addition they often find themselves moving between their business phone and desktop applications to access communications capabilities and productivity tools they need to collaborate with co-workers, business partners and customers throughout the working day.
When you search for a contact on a web-based directory or personal address book application, you often find yourself dialing a work, mobile phone, or pager number from your desk phone to reach them. Similarly, while reviewing electronic documents or simply browsing for product support information, you might place a call to listed phone numbers on company websites for additional information or help.
With the free-to-download Click to Call application, you can now streamline this often error-prone and time-consuming ritual. While this Cisco Unified Communications Widget is running on your PC, you simply select and click any phone number displayed on commonly used desktop productivity applications and web browsers to place a call through Cisco Unified Communications Manager - without having to use the dial pad key on your Cisco Unified IP Phone. Before you place the call, with Click to Call you can add digits for international calls or delete digits for extension dialing (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Click to Call from Desktop Applications

With the Click to Call application added to your System Manager Tray, you can have instant access to the history of the calls you have placed from the application. With a few mouse clicks, you can simply place a follow-up call to reconnect with someone you just called or retry someone you missed on the first try.

Rich Messaging Experience with Visual Voicemail Application

With increasing email overload, many business professionals often turn to voice messaging for important or urgent business communications with co-workers, business partners and customers. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, many professionals access and manage voice messages in their corporate voicemail box multiple times a day from different communications applications and devices.
To access voice messaging capabilities from desk phones and mobile phones, you usually dial into your corporate voicemail box and use the keypad to navigate audio menu prompts to listen, respond, delete and save voice messages. To listen to new messages, you often need to listen to them in sequential order of receipt - regardless of who sent the voice message, its urgency, or the length of the message. Sending new or responding to voice messages in your inbox can be time-consuming and error-prone. It often involves multiple interactions with the audio menu prompts to search, identify and add recipients to the recorded voice message before it can be sent to the right party.

Figure 3. Rich Messaging Experience on Cisco Unified IP Phone

With the easy-to-add Visual Voicemail application, you can instantly access voice messages on your Cisco Unified IP Phone - without having to dial into your corporate voicemail box (Figure 3). With this Cisco Unified Widget on your Cisco Unified IP Phone, you can get a visual representation of all your Cisco Unity or Cisco Unity Connection voice messages on your Cisco Unified IP Phone display. With the sender's name,time of message, message length and urgency markers prominently displayed for each voice message, you can quickly prioritize how you listen and respond to your messages and be more responsive to your customers, business partners and co-workers. The Visual Voicemail application makes sending, responding to, saving and deleting large numbers of voice messages easy and productive for everyone.
In addition, the Visual Voicemail application for the Cisco Unified IP Phone gives you a familiar visual voicemail experience if you use the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator client on your computer or Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator on your mobile phone. This delivers rich messaging experience from every workspace - independent of whether you are using Visual Voicemail application on your Cisco Unified IP Phone or accessing voice messages from either Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator or Cisco Unified Personal Communicator while you are away from the office.

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