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Cisco Unified CallManager Version 4.2

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Product Bulletin No. 3267

Announcing Orderability and First Customer Shipment of Cisco Unified CallManager Version 4.2(1)

Cisco Systems ® is pleased to announce that Cisco ® Unified CallManager 4.2(1) is now available for ordering. Cisco Unified CallManager media kits are available to start shipping immediately.
Cisco Unified CallManager Version 4.2 introduces enhancements that improve security, supportability, and manageability. This version also includes enhanced usability for a number of important user features that have been supported in past releases, including: Park, Hunt Group, Cisco Unified CallManager Assistant (formerly Cisco IP Manager Assistant), and Call Pickup. Cisco Unified CallManager Version 4.2 is based on Microsoft Windows operating system.


Click here to view descriptions of the following enhancements in the Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 Release Notes or in the Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 data sheet.

• Directed Call Park

• Log in/out of Hunt Groups

• Call Forward on Non Registered or No Bandwidth

• Cisco Unified CallManager Assistant on a phone

• Cisco Communication Media Module

• Department of Defense features

• Cisco IOS® Software and Cisco Communication Media Module support for inbound Hookflash for Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Integrated Services Routers

• Device mobility improvements (intra-cluster)

• Complex passwords and password aging using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

• Call Pickup Notification (Audible/Visual)

• Voice quality statistics


Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 can be obtained through the following mechanisms:

• Instructions for downloading an upgrade package from Cisco Unified CallManager 4.0(2a) or 4.1(3) to Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2(1) are available at ( login is required to view this content). Because of the new product hold status of Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2(1), anyone wanting to download the upgrade package must first complete a new product hold release request. After the request is reviewed, the submitter will be granted access to the location where the software is posted.

• Upgrade media can be ordered for upgrades from Cisco Unified CallManager 3.3(5), 4.0(2a), or 4.1(3). See the Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 Data Sheet for more details and part numbers.

• New Installation CDs can be ordered through the normal ordering processes. See the Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 Data Sheet for more details and part numbers.

• Customers with Cisco SMARTnet® support or Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) contracts will be able to use their existing maintenance contract number to order free copies of Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 from the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT).


Cisco is conducting a review cycle for Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2 until Cisco Unified CallManager 4.2(1)SR1 is released in late April 2006.
The general process for getting your order removed from new product hold is as follows. New product hold must be cleared for install CDs, upgrade CDs, and Web download from

1. Place an order for the software. This step can be omitted if you are simply downloading the upgrade from 4.0(2a) or 4.1(3) to 4.2 from This can be accomplished through normal purchasing methods from Cisco, a distributor, or a partner. There is also a download from for upgrades from Cisco Unified CallManager versions 4.0(2a) and 4.1(3). Cisco maintenance contract holders can take their maintenance contract and use the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT) to generate a $0 order.

2. Fill out the new product hold clearance Web form. ( login is required to view this content). Please put in as much detail as possible. The Cisco Sales Order number (SO#) or PUT Order ID are required if CDs are to be delivered. If you intend to download the upgrade software, you can simply provide the user ID of the person that will perform the download. Cisco will not process any orders that do not have this information.

3. The new product hold review team will review the order within three business days. Under normal circumstances the review will occur within one business day.

4. A notification will be sent by e-mail to the submitter.

5. If only the downloadable package is needed, the submitter will be given a URL to obtain the software.

6. If CDs are needed, the new product hold review team will authorize release of the new product hold. Manufacturing actually clears the orders and it usually takes one to two business days for the order to be fully cleared.

7. When the new product hold is cleared, normal order fulfillment follows.

Please note: The new product hold review team can not escalate orders. Please use the Global Contact Center (GCC) should you have any questions about specific orders. The GCC can be reached by:

• Calling 1-800-553-6387 option 3.

• Opening a case by using the Case Management Tool.

• Sending e-mail to


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