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Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows Version 1.5 is Now Posted to CCO for General Availability

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The GA (general availability) release of Cisco® Unified CallConnector (UCC) for Microsoft Windows version 1.5 is now available on To download this final version of Unified Call Connector 1.5, go to the Software Download Center on

This version will be the officially supported version by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), so we would recommend that any EA (early adopter) versions of UCC 1.5 that have been deployed by customers, as well as any earlier UCC versions (1.4 or prior) be upgraded to the UCC version 1.5 GA release.

Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows Product Overview

Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows comprises three license ordering options:

• Unified CallConnector Personal: SW-UCC-CLIENT-1

• Unified CallConnector Server: SW-UCC-SERVER

• Unified CallConnector Mobility: SW-UCC-MOBILITY

These three options are orderable under the top-level product ID of SW-UCC-CME=.
An explanation of the value provided by each of these options can be found in the UCC datasheet at the following URL:

Summary of Enhancements

The following major enhancements are included in Cisco Unified CallConnector version 1.5:

• Enhanced desktop call monitoring and call control

• Simplified installation and configuration for both UCC Client and Server

• Support for CME version 7.0 (formerly referred to as version 4.3)

• Additional language localization:

– New (beta): Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese (EU), Norwegian, and Swedish

– Existing: English and French, plus beta versions of German, Italian, and Spanish (EU)

• Enhanced Windows support, including the Vista operating system

Details of each of these major enhancements can be found in the UCC version 1.5 release notes at the following website:
Alternatively, the UCC Support Wiki has a presentation discussing the feature enhancements in UCC version 1.5, which can be found at the following website:

Value of UCC Server

Since Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows was launched in the summer of 2007, much of the initial customer interest in this product has been focused on the features related to the UCC Personal client, which provides complete desktop telephone control, easy directory lookup, and click-to-dial features.
However, when Cisco Unified CallConnector Server is added into the solution, the end user receives outstanding value with additional server-based features, including:

• Instant messaging

• Central directory

• User-controlled presence

• Phone state

• Persistent call logs

Cisco Unified CallConnector Server can support multiple CME platforms, so that customers with multisite CME installations can obtain sophisticated presence, directory, and messaging services to enhance the overall productivity of their daily business operations.

Free License for VAR Use (Not for Resale)

To encourage Cisco partners to become familiar with the UCC products, Cisco will make available one complete set of UCC licenses (10 Personal clients, 1 Server, and 1 Mobility) to any interested partner, on the condition that these licenses are not for resale (NFR). To obtain these licenses, please send an email to with the subject line NFR UCC LICENSE REQUEST.

Limited-Time Offer

To encourage Cisco partners to help customers achieve the productivity benefits provided by the use of both UCC Personal and UCC Server, Cisco is making the following limited-time offer: For the first 120 days following the posting of UCC version 1.5 (EA), any Cisco partner that sells Cisco Unified CallConnector Server will be eligible to receive 10 free Cisco Unified CallConnector Personal clients. To claim these free UCC Personal clients, the Cisco partner simply needs to submit the PAK ID associated with the UCC Server, which is provided as part of the order fulfillment of the UCC Server product. This PAK ID should be sent to with the subject line of UCC Server PAK ID for Free UCC Client Licenses.

Video Data Sheet and Additional Marketing Material

Additional marketing material for Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows, including a video datasheet, can be found at the following website: