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Cisco® Collaboration Solutions improve team and customer experiences to help organizations encourage innovation and improve decision making while building trust and enhancing team performance.

Stay connected while mobile: Cisco Jabber ® IM for BlackBerry delivers instant messaging (IM) and presence to your BlackBerry.

• Access your desktop IM contact list (Figure 1) and take action with features such as click to IM, click to call, click to email, and click to text (Figure 2).

• Join an instant Cisco WebEx® meeting from an IM conversation (Figure 3).

• Maintain security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and by connecting your BlackBerry directly to the Cisco IM infrastructure - Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Connect.

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry works with a wide variety of RIM BlackBerry smartphones and is a free download for Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Connect customers.

Presence and Instant Messaging While Mobile

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry lets you reduce communication delays by knowing a person's availability with a presence status generated from multiple sources. When you are mobile and using your BlackBerry device, viewing a person's presence status lets you immediately know if that person is available or busy, so you can determine the best way to reach that person. You can use the application to connect quickly over IM and, if necessary, escalate to a phone call, send an email, text message, start an instant Web conference, or use Short Message Service (SMS).
Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry lets you collaborate securely - even with colleagues outside your organization. The application uses the widely accepted Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Internet and presence IM standard that supports communication with networks outside your organization. You are ensured of communication privacy with user authentication and 128-bit SSL encryption or 256-bit AES encryption (AES encryption requires Cisco WebEx Connect and is not available with Cisco Unified Presence).
Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry is designed to work with either deployment model - a premises-based or cloud-based presence solution.
Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry.

Table 1. Features and Benefits of Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry




Standard presence status messages: Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, or a custom message

You can set your presence status so your contacts know whether or not you are available, helping them decide which method of communication they use to reach you.

System-generated presence status messages from the Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry application: Available, Away, Idle, In a meeting, and On the phone

The "In a meeting" presence status is mapped to the default calendar used on the BlackBerry device. "Away" is displayed when running the application in the background with no activity after a certain period of time (which you can set). "On the phone" status displays when you are on a call while running the application in the background.

Multiple resource login

You can log in to both Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry and a desktop IM client, so you can always keep your messaging applications open regardless of the device you are using.

When you are logged into both, you will receive messages on both applications until you respond. When you respond, messages will be exchanged only with the device you used for your response.

Single resource login (Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry version 1.0.6)

When you are logged into your desktop client and then log in to your mobile client, you will be logged off your desktop client and vice versa. This feature applies to Cisco WebEx Connect only.

Instant Messaging

Person to person

Start an IM conversation with anyone in your contact list with a single click.

Broadcast messages

Receive IMs that are broadcast to a group of people (requires Cisco WebEx Connect, not available with Cisco Unified Presence).

Offline messages

Send messages to contacts who are not signed in to their IM application (requires Cisco Unified Presence, not available with Cisco WebEx Connect).

Concurrent IM sessions

Maintain multiple IM sessions at once, and use the track pad or Menu button to swap between sessions.

Message categories

Open IM sessions and invitations to instant Cisco WebEx meetings are grouped in separate categories at the top of your list of contacts so that you can see them more easily.


Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry enables you to receive notifications of new IMs even when the app is running in the background.

Notification preferences are stored on the BlackBerry device, so your settings can be different from those on your desktop application.

If your presence is set to "Do Not Disturb", you have the option to disable audible notifications of new messages from the application.


Use emoticons in your IM sessions to express your mood and enrich your IM conversations.


Join instant Cisco WebEx meeting

Join an instant Cisco WebEx meeting from an IM session with a desktop or Cisco WebEx Connect Web IM user.

A desktop user can invite you to an instant Cisco Ex meeting; this action launches the free Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry application (Figure 4) and connects you to the meeting to view shared content and collaborate with multiple participants.


Policy enforcement

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry, when used with Cisco WebEx Connect, honors applicable policies and configurations set by the administrator, including server-side IM logging, reporting (expected Q42011), and encryption.

Cisco Jabber IM For BlackBerry does not honor all policies set on Cisco Unified Presence. Refer to the administration guide for details.


The encryption protocol is SSL 3.0. End-to-end (AES) encryption is available with Cisco WebEx Connect.

Single sign on

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry supports a federated Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 single-sign-on policy if required by your organization.

Chat History

An IM session and history is completely removed from the app and your BlackBerry smartphone after you close the IM session or log out of the app.


Contact List

Your contact list that you have created in Cisco Unified Personal Communicator or Cisco WebEx Connect is automatically added to Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry when you log in to the app. You cannot add contacts to your contact list from the Cisco Jabber IM for Blackberry application.


If you have created groups for certain contacts on your desktop or Web-based IM application, those groups are shown in the Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry app.


You can review a contact's profile information from your contact list or during a 1:1 chat with that individual. Profile information includes name, title, and contact information (Figure 5).

Communications options

You can click to call or send an email or SMS message by using the track pad or Menu button from within a contact's profile or an IM session with that individual.


You can search for contacts by typing their name. The app searches your current contact list.



If you lose your data connection, Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry automatically tries to reconnect you to a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Wi-Fi prioritization

The application automatically connects to a Wi-Fi network first, and then connects to other available networks (cellular, Wireless Application Protocol [WAP], WAP2, BlackBerry Internet Service [BIS], or BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Mobile Data System [BES/MDS]). This feature helps minimize unnecessary data or roaming charges.



The app supports color-contrast features and can display in grayscale.


You can set audio and visual notifications of new IMs and instant meeting invitations.


Font size changes that you make in the Settings menu of your BlackBerry device are applied to the Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry app.

Device and Operating System Support

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry works with the following BlackBerry devices (Table 2) and operating systems (Table 3):

Table 2. Supported BlackBerry Devices

BlackBerry Device Name

Bold 9000, 9700, 9780, 9650, and 9900

Curve 8520, 8900, and 9330

Torch 9800, 9810, and 9850

Tour 9630

Table 3. Supported BlackBerry Operating Systems

BlackBerry Operating System Version

OS 4.6

OS 4.7

OS 5.0

OS 6.0

OS 7.0

Desktop Client Support

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry works with the Cisco desktop IM applications listed in Table 4.

Table 4. Supported Cisco Desktop IM Applications

Application Name

Version Number

Cisco WebEx Connect

6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 7.0, and 7.1

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

8.0 and 8.5 (Requires Cisco Unified Presence Server version 8.0 or 8.5)

Cisco Jabber for Mac


Language Support

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry uses the default language of the BlackBerry device language. If the operating system language of the device is not supported, the application defaults to English. Cisco Jabber IM is supported in the languages listed in Table 5.

Table 5. Language Support


Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (United States)






Portuguese (Brazil)


Spanish (Latin America)

Ordering Information

Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry is free for organizations with a license to use Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Connect. Administrators may download the application and distribute to end users through the organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server or distribute a URL to end users that will allow them to manually download the application directly from their BlackBerry device.
To download the Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry software, visit

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For More Information

For more information about Cisco Jabber IM for BlackBerry, please visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.